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    I've had a look - and a chat to a fella thats caught more Jewies than me - and our river fish, landed in nets, dont seem to have sores or bruises - But they arent suppossed to spawn in our rivers either. I'm still waiting on a bloke who has 100's of Melbourne river Mulloway photos, to get back to me. But so far, all we can remember, are clean skins (The Bream - which do spawn in our rivers - get beat up and exhibit sores during spawning time - not so much bruises - but their tails get bloody and they will have bloody sores on their bodies aswell )
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    Ive watched carp spawn and they are super aggressive bashing into rocks, even beaching themselves for the chance to be the guy that gets his sperm on the eggs the males also relentlessly head butt the females in the guts to get her to release her eggs im not saying that’s what these bruises are as I have seen similar bloody bruised areas on bream around spawn time and carp for that matter - but I’ve heard them also described as fungal in fections
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    Thanks Mr Fish. That report will make interesting reading! I have not done a proper survey of photos (presence/absence of bruising "rash" +location+ month) and it is sometimes hard to know if the picture in an internet post (say, "tackletactics.com") is a reliable indicator of location, but it certainly seems most common in SA West Coast Fish. Not just there, though, the ones below are Salt Creek, Murray Mouth and (allegedly) Victoria (the smaller one with white fishing rod). I have not seen any (yet) in pics from WA, NSW/SEQ, or South Africa (where they call them "kob"). I have located the contact of a parasitologist in New Zealand (ex-SA) who I will email pics too for an opinion, too.
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    southie THE BANGA


    Hey all This is for all you lure mad fishos out there!! Or even people just getting into Soft plastics Fishing! Mate of mine has been making Soft plastics for the last few months and has been selling multiple lots not only here in SA but all over the Country. It is a hobby for him that makes a few bucks here and there. These plastics are made here in South Australia and are produced from a backyard shed. The plastic is of High quality and are a great price for a pack. There is a range of styles and colours to suit every situation and the best thing is they are made to order! Below are a few photos of the styles and colours available.... If you are interested be sure to check him out on Facebook under the heading RezBaits.. Or if you are interested in pricing and or what is available inbox me on here and i will be happy to pass on the Details to my mate! Super easy to deal with and his work is all quality. definetly worth Checking out! Link to Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RezBaits-298376657727961/
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