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  1. Hi all, So just got back from the holiday manged two salmon one 38cm and the other 40cm off the rocks and a small fiddler ray probably round 60cm I caught three small flatty's and some kgw whiting mostly bloody trumpeters but I managed a couple of salmon trout and a mullet off the shore. I also managed my first flatty on a small savage gear pencil lure which was exciting as this was the first time I had used the lure so I didnt really know if I was using it correctly, all I did was rod tip down and slow wind then bam little flatty jumped on. Still beats adelaide fishing jus
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  2. Could be a push to ban whiting during this time of year,as seen on channel 7 news today.Momentum to stop may get some support.
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  3. Meppstas

    Ban Whiting @ Easter

    Hopefully it includes the Pro fisher's as well..
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  4. yellow door 1

    Worm grunting in Oz?

    It’s done on a few different continents with a variety of different implements worms should start surfacing with in a minute guys claim it works in Australia but it most popular in countries with moles that hunt underground rainfall, barometer, oncoming storms, recent rains and light levels are all supposed to play into the techniques effectiveness
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