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    Captain Spare-time

    Life’s a beach 😎

    Thought I’d share a couple of pix shot with the drone from one of my favourite areas to fish. The West Coast
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    P.b Trout

    Thought id go for a fly in hills this morning, first fish, a new personal best. 45cm and over a kilo easy. Pushing 1.5kg. 8 fish in total. Home by 1pm. All on a ruff wooly i tied with some blue flash tinsel. Happy new years
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    So as some of you know I worked at Fishing Wholesalers for the last 2 and a bit years. However my last day was on Saturday. I know there are alot of members on here that i have put onto this site that i wasn't able to let know of my resignation as it happened so quick. So i thank you for being great customers to me. I am no longer in the fishing industry anymore. I might return to it in a few years time if things go right However you will now find me in the electrical industry as a storeman in town. Now to enjoy fishing like i use to without the pressures of the industry Expect more reports me in the near future! The bug is back!
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    OnkaStomper 12

    OnkaStompa 2017 was off to an early start yesterday as it always is. A total of around 238 entrants and approximately 298 in attendance. It was a hot day but people still came out and enjoyed a family day of fishing and fun. The total raised throughout the year and announced on the day was $24,760 with that number to be topped up a little when every last cent was counted. Well the grand total ended up being an astounding $25,181.60. The official results... Champion - Brett Haslett Bream 44.5cm and Mens Title Women - Lisa Solly Bream 28cm Junior - Christina Fontanot 39.5cm Mulloway - Caleb Maunder 61.5cm Other Fish Senior - Peter Hayesman Mullet 35cm Other Fish Junior - Beatrice Nash Mullet 24.5cm The BBQ although a bit quiet compared to other years went well with the Strike Hook crew at the helm. Just look at this bunch of legends! We have Kidney Slapper, Myself, Southie the Banger, Doobie and The Fishing Guru who was an official on the day. A huge thank you to the guys for helping out with the BBQ and continuing the Strike Hook BBQ tradition. Nigel another legend who has helped at the Bunnings BBQs couldn't make it but still managed to drop in and drop off a very well received frozen drink for us. While in the BBQ area most of the time, I tried to get out and take a few pics of what else was going on during the day. A few of natures freakiest creatures made an appearance and one of the locals decided it was too boring and just slept all day. It was great to be part of and so good to put the feet up afterwards.
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    Territory Lad

    Wading Tub

    Over the last 12-18 months I've got right into my wading and thought I'd have a crack at making my own tub. After a bit of looking around at other set ups, I figured it was best to just dive in and see what happened. The basic idea was I wanted to be able to carry more than one rod, be mobile amd be organised. After a trip to the hardware store and the local boating store, I had all the parts I needed. Within an afternoon it was done! Generic UV stablised create, electrical conduit for axels, marker bouys / poly floats for wheels and all secured with S/Steel bolts, washers and nylocks. Below is a selection of on the job photos. Overall it works really well. The rod holders allow me to carry multiple rods all rigged differently. This does two things, (1) when I get a season ending wind knot, I just bench the rod and grab another. No lost time not fishing! (2) It speeds up my apprenticeship as I can run multiple options simultaneously and figure out what works in different scenarios. Only issue I have found is having the reels face inwards takes up a fair amount of room inside the tub and ironically, the reels get wetter inside the tub than outside. This is because when I land a fish, drops of water fall off the net which I dump in the tub during hook removal etc. I tried facing them "backwards" and outside the tub, seems to solve the problem. 1st planned upgrade is a small esky, big enough to fit a YFW in the 30-35cm range!! TL
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