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  1. I've been intending to try steamed crabs with Old Bay for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it. Anywhere local sell Old Bay seasoning? Our favourite - typhoon shelter style. We discovered that in Hong Kong, and can't get enough. There's also a saucier, spicier variant of that with more chilli and sichuan pepper that I love, but my wife isn't as fond of. Cooking crab like that makes a hell of a mess though (moist crab + hot oil = splatter central) - I've been planning on getting an outdoor wok burner to do them outside for less clean-up.
  2. Yes Underpants, I've seen that picture in another thread (on wading bags I think?). I like the idea of wheels that also provide flotation - how are they attached to the 'axles'?
  3. I love the tubs. I've been thinking of making something similar myself, although I'd like some wheels for the (long) walk out and back at low tide (I'm lazy ). My wife's away this weekend, so I'm hoping to head up to the flats myself
  4. We had a pretty slow day out from West Beach on Saturday, not managing a single KG, however I did manage a new PG flathead while drifting looking for whiting, nice and fat and measuring 46cm.
  5. Finally got around to setting mine, and realised I need to take more fishing photos (well, that and catch more fish worthy of photos). So, my boat:
  6. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. We've booked a place to stay down near Victor Harbor. We've got a 4x4, but it's brand new so we won't be taking it on the beach this time (waiting until it's run in - which is also why the boat's not coming...).
  7. So, we're taking delivery of our new car later this week, and want to take it for a good run somewhere this long weekend. I'm looking for some suggestions for where to go. My wife likes the idea of just going for a drive, experiencing the outdoors, etc., but I'm all about the fishing! Within 2-3 hours of Adelaide, where would you go for a good day or three? I won't be taking the boat, so land-based only, and dog-friendly would be good. Do I go north or south? Freshwater or salt? edit: I'm leaning towards the Victor Harbour area, but I don't know much about fishing down there.