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  1. Thanks Alex your videos and reports are a major part of the motivation to get there - I had already planned to check out those spots you showed. It's really pleasing to see a young bloke like you who's passionate about being outdoors and really enjoying the big wide world.
  2. Thanks - you blokes are legends! I'll post a report on my return!!
  3. Cheers Underpants, I will be there in early April and can go pretty much anywhere but will be in flinders Chase and near Emu Bay
  4. Hey Guys, heading to KI for a couple if weeks and staying a week at each end of the island. Can anyone suggest some "hot spots" land based? If anyone has had experience with a charter or renting a boat I'd love to hear from you on that one too! Cheers
  5. Got a pile last week albeit a lot further north than Brighton. We arrived right at the peak of the tide and were into them straight away and for the next couple hours
  6. Spent some time in Vic and my first trout trip was to Dargo. Camped on a flat just out of town (other side if coming from Bairnsdale) and caught a little brown on the very first cast. Had a follow from a huge fish (I was wading and the lure was about a metre in front of me when the beast appeared from nowhere) Tried to raise him again but no go. Was also visited by an inquisitive platypus. Easy camping - easy access. Fantastic country - you'll have a blast regardless of your fishing success. Good luck
  7. Fantastic work there sbarnden - thanks. I've experimented myself with some self tied ganged hooks in a gulp sandworm without a great deal of success. can you supply a little more detail re that rig with the treble in your second last photo please? I cant quite see how that treble is connected.
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