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  1. I mostly buy the zman grubs myself in motor oil as that's the one plastic I have the most luck on. I always try new colours and brands, including the plastics soaking in scent but never seem to use them and they dry up. Hard bodies I have no idea, so I generally find myself seeking the advice of an expert to show me the light. I am also guaranteed to snag them all so price is usually a factor.
  2. Cheers guys! Thought i was starting to lose it for a second there
  3. Hi guys, in need of a new outfit. After decent combo for light soft plastics. Budget $100/$150. Doesn't have to be amazing, coming off a fairly old rod so anything will be an improvement. Mostly chasing Redfin/Trout in the hills and Bream, ST's in the metro area. Cheers!
  4. Ventured out this morning, with no plan at all, which was evident by the results at Noon. Packed light, just some Zman soft plastics and a light rod, very handy when moving constantly. After having a flick around West Lakes, Outer Harbour, North Haven, and Snowdens, I found myself in the middle of Port Adelaide. Plenty of fish at each spot, just not interested in my fake bait. Finally found a huge school of small ST's, managed about 5 in quick succession and then called it a day. One fish however, had this huge gut on it, very abnormal relevant to the size of the fish, so thought I would share a pic. Small fish are always better than no fish! Cheers.
  5. Love your work mate! Inspiration for me to get off my ass
  6. Cheers guys! Now just waiting for my wallet to get fatter, before i can splurge.
  7. Morning Gents. On the hunt for a new tackle store in my local area. Just out of Tea Tree Gully, I was a regular at 'Spot On' in Holden Hill, unfortunately they have since shut down only a few months ago. My closest is now BCF Gepps X. Any others in the area? Was good helping out the smaller business. Bit of a pain as I usually conduct spare of the moment spontaneous fishing trips. Cheers in advance. Stay classy, - Sykes.
  8. This is going back a while now, but the dad and grandparents keep telling me of fishing for Tommies at Ardrossan - everybody bagging out so much that the bait store ran out of gents. They grabbed a packet of coco pops and they were smashing that down too!
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