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    Sykes reacted to Wert in Land based Squid help   
    Oooo, another thing especially useful for land based off the rocks is floats, if you can have one out while you prospect around with a straight jag or in particularly rough country have floats on both and use the current and wind to work drifts if you can. 
    Weighted squid floats and torpedo floats will actually help you cast light jags further and can work as an extra attractant, also it's pretty fun watching your float shoot off kicking up a roster tail.
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    Sykes reacted to Rybak in Land based Squid help   
    All of the above...Hallett Cove off the rocks is good. Need clear water. Always berley I reckon similar to gar berley. Off boat or kayak is usually easier as you can move around to find.   
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    Sykes reacted to Wert in Land based Squid help   
    You'll get them all year round, winter is known for big ones, summer they can be more prolific but in SA I reckon it's safe to say it's always a good time of year for squiding.
    The one thing that is most important, that you've noted, is water clarity, clearer is better which also generally means light winds are also better. You can still get some even when the water looks like coffee if using a teaser but it can be hard work.
    One more thing is you'll get plenty at night, use a lumo jag and cast around the edges of any light, night can be very productive if not quite as fun since you lose most of the visual aspect.
    Good luck.
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    Sykes got a reaction from Wert in Land based Squid help   
    Cheers guys, extremely informative and Very helpful .
    Based on your experiences, what is best weather to target? Are they only a warm weather species? Or as long as water clarity is okay, temperature doesn't matter too much?
    Keen as on the next trip! 
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    Sykes reacted to MAH in Land based Squid help   
    I love squid fishing and mainly fish land based, but also get out in the kayak.
    As others have mentioned, structure is the key for squid (and basically all fish). If there is a sandy bottom, there is little chance of squid. Wert is spot on, seagrass, reefy bottom, rocky shoreline are the places to fish. For metro spots, you can certainly catch squid at OH. Most people fish the channel/northern side of the OH rockwall, but if fishing the southern side for something like garfish, it's always worth having a jig on hand as you get squid cruising along rockwall face (just not as many).
    For metro jetties, Brighton is the most prolific, but also it gets packed (I personally don't like to fish Brighton jetty). Glenelg jetty also produces good catches of squid, just head to end, there is plenty of seagrass to attract squid. This is my local and in the warmer months I regularly have good catches.
    I personally believe a good long rod is a key part of success when land based fishing. Most of the metro spots are heavily fished, so if you have a nice long rod and can cast a bit further than the blokes standing next to you, not only can you cover more territory each cast/retrieve, but you will be potentially dropping your jig in front of a squid that others haven't been able to reach. I use an 8'9" Daiwa Emeraldas.
    Another thing to consider is the sink rate of your jigs. Squid mainly take a jig on the drop, and close to the bottom. I find I often need to add some extra weight (chin sinker) when fishing Glenelg as the tidal movement can make it hard to get the jig down deep enough. If fishing shallow areas like Marino Rocks, Point Riley or Tickera, it's worth packing some shallow sinking jigs, to give you a bit more time on the drop.
    I've posted before on the topic of land based squid fishing, with info on My Squid Rig, and a couple of reports on Glenelg catches, Inkfest and Inkfest 2
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    Sykes reacted to Kelvin in Land based Squid help   
    Landbased, look for the ink spots on the jetty.
    Technique is almost as important as location. You want to keep your jig within 1m to 2m of the bottom while minimizing snags.
    Much easier from a kayak or boat
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    Sykes reacted to plankton in Land based Squid help   
    Good advice mentioned above. Personally I never did very well squiding from metro jetties, and you're not going to get many squid off sandy bottom. Make sure your jag is getting down into the weed. If you want to stay local and catch heaps of squid my best advice would be get yourself a kayak.
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    Sykes reacted to Wert in Land based Squid help   
    Weed and structure is a squids best friend, anywhere there is seagrass & sand patches in 2-5m or so of water you're in squid territory, add reef, ie a rocky shoreline, breakwater or jetty, and I guarantee you there will be squid passing through there regularly.
    If you don't mind a bit of a drive I reckon the best land based squiding you will ever find is the Yorke Peninsula from Tickera around to Ardrossan, basically anywhere with the above ingredients around that stretch of coast, which is like 80% or more, will have good squid and be a nice place to be, also you will always have an option where you have the wind at your back which is very handy.
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    Sykes reacted to doobie in Land based Squid help   
    It is just luck as is most fishing - one day the fish are at your spot - the next day = nothing.
    Brighton jetty is good for squid as is Pt Noarlunga, Marino Rocks, sometimes off the rocks at Hallett Cove, Wirrina breakwater, Rapid Bay jetty, Second Valley jetty, Cape Jervis jetty.
    Not sure about Semaphore jetty (don't seem to see many reports from there), but OH rocks is good.
    Sometimes it is the colour of the jag that excites them too.
    Weather can play apart, but generally a nice calm day and clear water (not murky) is good also.
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    Sykes got a reaction from doobie in Land based Squid help   
    Hi guys, 
    I've recently caught my first ever squid and would love to chase a lot more, it was so much fun to target. 
    I am struggling to locate them however. Recently came back from an entire day at rapid bay/second valley and not a single touch. Perhaps just an off day, but it was a little frustrating. 
    My biggest question at the moment is how important is fishing in only areas with weed beds? I hear plenty of reports of people catching them from metro jetties, but no real weed until you hit Brighton. So is it still possible to be in for a shot from say the OH break water or semaphore jetties as they are my true locals? Always happy to travel but harder to find the time to make the drive over Yorkes or south.
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    Sykes reacted to Des in Transfer of FB Yellow Fin Whiting Posts   
    I look forward to all the contributions from the many YFW specialists in this forum.
    Over the coming weeks I will be transferring a number of posts regarding Yellow Fin Whiting which I had previously only put up on Face Book. (lazy)
    I look forward to us building up a knowledge base for us to share.
    The posts will not be "Fishing reports" as such but discussions about the Species, Morphology, Habitats, Ecosystems/FoodChains, Tackle and Techniques.
    Looking forward to every ones input.
    Cheers, Des
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    Sykes reacted to Knackers in landbased kingies   
    Have a crack at the Ledge (the locals call it 'poofters perch')at Fowlers Bay. They are always there. Up to 50kg buggers. They grab your bait and head straight around the point and bust you off, mostly. Chuck out anything live. The problems with catching Kingies where they congregate/school up is they are not feeding. They just go there to hang out so you need something special to get them to bite. Two different ones caught from the boat but within casting distance of the ledge, only a day apart.

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    Sykes reacted to MIKECATTS in landbased kingies   
    Im very successful with Kings land based.. Its taken a few years/seasons to work what is.. Biggest so far went 153cm at an estimated weight of 33kilos.. Not bad off the rocks..

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    Sykes reacted to huddop247 in fishing at barmera   
    Ayo, ever since 100,000 fish died at lake bonney it aint been the same. my dad and i tried for the 6 days we were there last but we didnt get the success we previously had. shame really, but still a good fishing spot.
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    Sykes reacted to Soobz in realistic worm movement   
    Just found this, could be something different to try.
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    Sykes reacted to keenfisho in Help identifying amphibious fishing platform?   
    They started out as a way to launch boats and are still used this way but in the last few years I have seen a increase of them being used to take families and groups of people out and then used as a platform to fish from as well as like a home base for swimming, kayaking etc
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    Sykes reacted to SurfcaztR in Happy Valley Reservoir opening in December   
    Beware Croc spotted at waters edge

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    Sykes reacted to yellow door 1 in Breeding Yabbies for Idiots   
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    Sykes reacted to SurfcaztR in Fishing For $1,000,000!   
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    Sykes reacted to Soobz in Help identifying amphibious fishing platform?   
    They're very popular/useful at Parham for launching/retrieving boats, didn't think they were used for fishing but I spose they could be.
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    Sykes got a reaction from doobie in Help identifying amphibious fishing platform?   
    I think we have a winner!
    Looked very similar to the older ones on Google image search, so his must've been fairly new. Thanks for your help mate, was driving me nuts!
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    Sykes got a reaction from doobie in Help identifying amphibious fishing platform?   
    Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, but I need some help identifying.
    I had a customer come into work today who needed to purchase fishing rod holders for his new boat - he said maker was Janko? But that was all I could get out of him.
    This thing looked insane. I have been googling for hours and can't work out who sells it. 
    It was basically a 3x3 m fishing platform, but of a Bimini cover for shade, all seemed to be made out of aluminium, hand rails all around, standing about 2 metres in the air, movable by 4 big off road tyres. The image he showed me, they were fishing in the shallows on a beach. Didn't look like it had an outboard, Only the wheels.
    If anyone has any idea what this thing is, or if you think it was a custom build, please let me know. Cheers. 
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    Sykes reacted to Kuerschie in Help identifying amphibious fishing platform?   
    Could be a Jinker? Kind of like a high top tractor that can drive through the water. There’s a few guys on the northern flats that use them to launch tinnys if I recall.
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    Sykes got a reaction from Soobz in Happy Valley Reservoir opening in December   
    I also think the tagging competition could be adding fuel to the fire. Everyone heading there, in for a chance. 
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