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  1. whent last year we had a team we didnt get a bloody snapper
  2. been tolled they there all the time is this right
  3. nice where did u see him
  4. bigred

    ABU help

    send boyo a pm hes the man on thou reels
  5. bigred

    St Kilda

    mmmmm i think i could seen u at the ramp i whent out about that time well done on the snapper i didnt get any snapper
  6. there only about 3-4 what i seen they only aload tack 800kg lol :ohmy: :woohoo:
  7. no lol ill been up there over the weekend didnt see any fish over that spot and even fish it 4 about a hr nothing mite b ok at night but i dont think the snapper r there yet well not the big ones yet anyway
  8. a snapper biger then 13.5kg 4 me and b rap if i can tag anthere 30sanpper
  9. yea that was a great morrning fishing hey
  10. i lov overheads reels 4 fishing for snapper from a boat i run a ABU7000 on my reds
  11. i like to go away fishing 4 at lest 2 day or more at one time so dose that count as 2 time or is it only once lol :cheer:
  12. i wouldnt use snapper carcass bones for snapper berley all anthere fish it b great
  13. bigred


    im looking for a Silstar Crystal pro Power Tip Fishing Rod i my dad has one and the miss bird got to it so looking for a nathere one for dad can anyone help me out
  14. hi i havnt got any mully as yet havent realy try but i think u doing it right its sound good to me just hav put time in and u will get them soon