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  1. I still pickle my squid this way. Bump for the comp
  2. I thought I'd bump this thread of mine back up for the squid comp.
  3. I say 2 hours as its the time from when I start work to my smoko break..
  4. I had a few fillets of whiting in the fridge on monday from the weekends catch so decided to cook it at work.its this simpleget a deacent sheet of aluminium foil, place fish fillets in the middle, add a blob of butter, a sliced up red onion, sliced tomato, sliced lemon and add salt and black pepper.fold up the foil and put in the pie warmer at 100 degrees for around 2 hours.this has to be one of the tastiest fish recipes i have come up with and the red onion adds such a nice flavour.needless to say the guys at work wanted my lunch. give it a try and let me know your opinions.
  5. lemongrass would be a good ingredient mmmmmm....
  6. i have just made a batch of pyramid and snapper sinkers but was wondering if there was any sort of method to the pouring as on the pyramids they have lines through them and dags on the bottom of them and the snapper leads have squiggly patterns through them. i cleaned up the daggy bits and know they will work the same but i want to pour perfect leads like you buy in the shops. also what type of pot do people use as while im pouring it starts setting. i was thinking a cast iron pot will do nicely but am interested in what you guys use.cheers jewie
  7. i seen paul worsteling using chrome spanners for snapper.... blades should work great and i would probably change the hooks to at least a 3/0
  8. alan from this site has caught a bronzie in west lakes
  9. nice work mate! good to hear they are in close. i have my fingers crossed for a great snapper season after the ban
  10. after seeing the thread on fish smoking growing every day i decided to dust off the smoker box and smoke up two rainbow trout my father in law gave me a few weeks ago. i also had a snapper to smoke up aswell.after alot of use of my smoker box i have created a big hole in the bottom of it...the racks also looked a bit rusty so i went to cheap as chips and brought some new ones which ended up being the exact same size as the ones i had in the smoker.so i foiled up one of the old ones to hold my smoking chips on and sat it in the bottom of the box.... hole problem solvedso i salted up the fillets
  11. definately dont wash the unit out as the more times you use it the better the flavour (season)
  12. i finally had the chance to see the hark smoker at the 4wd boat show last weekend. it is alot smaller than i had hoped but there is more to come with this unit. i was talking to the rep and he said there is an attachment coming out which is shaped in a circle similar to a cake rack which has hooks on it so you can smoke whole fish or hang up your cuts of meat. im wondering if it would work like a steamer as it has a water tray? could be good to steam crabs in? i think i will be investing in one of these units!
  13. I would have rather been fishing today too but had to work till 12.30 and felt too Iredell to head out. I was meant to be cleaning up the shed but got sidetrackted. The jag with the red head is a yozuri which I now call a tenticool and the blue jag is a cheap eBay lure I now call a mac rattler ?? I might be going to second valley tomorrow or Monday so I will let ya know how I go. Cheers jewie
  14. i was tinkering around in the shed today and managed to modify some lures into squid jags .i used the barbs from a couple of jags i have broken over time and a couple of lures that i had in the old tackle box.
  15. cookie at stkilda sells those lures in your pic but they are about $20 each if i remember correctly.
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