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    They are awesome reels micky, a mate has one and I can't fault it. Very good choice. For a given size, the lt series from daiwa is a bit smaller than the equivalent sizing in an 'equivalent' reel. That is to say, a 3000 daiwa lt may be the same size as a 2500 normal daiwa reel, or something to that effect.
  2. AquaticResearch1

    Smoked Tommies/Gar.

    Nah whatever suits really. Whether that be half an hour or 12 hours...Happy medium seems to be roughly 3 hours.
  3. AquaticResearch1

    Smoked Tommies/Gar.

    Still don't look half bad, Doobie. Don't mind a bit of "fish jerky" myself when things are in a touch too long I've done away with the wet brine myself and just sprinkle with salt and sugar before smoking now, saves a lot of time and I don't notice the difference tbh.
  4. AquaticResearch1

    YFW fillets

    I get the same with the whiting. I just use the spatula and push them down now when I first drop them in. Works ok. Need to stagger the times you out your fillets in the pan a but more doing this though.
  5. AquaticResearch1

    P.b Trout

    Great creek fish, that's something you'd normally pulled out of a dam or the northern rivers. 8 fish is a bloody good session when it includes that one.
  6. AquaticResearch1


    Caught a good one on Kingston Jetty on my way through, casting soft plastics. No idea if it was a fluke or you could do that along many of the calmer beaches in the area, though.
  7. AquaticResearch1

    Whats you Favourite scaling tool for fish over 3kg?

    Absolutely beautiful snapper skin into a hot pan with some turmeric and sweet paprika rubbed into it. Forums an awesome crust which doesn't overpower the fish itself. Best I had was a smaller fillet from a ~ 40cm fish into butter just before it'd burn, and wow, perfect.
  8. AquaticResearch1

    Full media release: Safeguarding our future snapper stocks

    Something needed to be done, and unfortunately the lag in the internal processes made it take this long. Opening up the previously restricted zones is weak imo. Let's take it bloody seriously and let the stocks recover instead of doing some musical chairs swaps of spots. If anyone followed the management of the prawn industry, where the fishery was closed entirely for a period before resuming, the stocks bounced back well But still got hit hard by the reopening. Snapper will take longer, and without further amendment we'll end up in the same place we are now once both sides of the fishery (pro and rec) begin to rape it to the point that got us here in the first place. I highly doubt we reach the virgin biomass % targets with these measures tbh. Would rather them bite the bullet and restrict both pro and rec fishing to bare minimum and get them back on track. It is a major ecologically important species, not just a commodity.
  9. AquaticResearch1

    little jack sayoris-z 99

    Pretty sure I got one from the scene up north a few years ago. If not https://www.motackle.com.au/little-jack-sayoris.html Limited colours in the 100mm though
  10. AquaticResearch1

    slide bait fishing

    I guess ultimately if you're happy with a bait that could be anywhere from where your line meets the water, to your swivel, then that'd be perfectly fine. However, personally I wouldn't be doing that unless I was not worried about the depth range I'm targeting due shallow water or similar. Free swimming live baits pick up fish regardless as long as they don't come back to your feet.
  11. AquaticResearch1

    slide bait fishing

    That sure as hell makes it an easier process, however, without a sinker on the bait, how do you know it is reaching the intended zone and isn't just beyond where your line meets the water? Particularly in the surf...
  12. AquaticResearch1

    The Hills

    Very nice mate, sounds like the wooly buggers do the business in the creeks as well. I know what you mean about water height; absolutely essential in the tight creeks around the hills.
  13. AquaticResearch1

    Upgrading hooks and rings

    Owner st36 after one damn fish Stock split ring on a jackle lure after maybe a dozen fish. I've been using Owner 36 stbc for a while as upgrade/replacement hooks. But I'm still bending then out. I need a replacement which isn't muchworking heavier but just a slightly thicker gauge. As similar as possible without the bending really Similarly ive, been using stock rings and they sometimes hold sometimes.... well...don't. No idea what split rings people upgrade to for light lures but any advice would be appreciated. Photos are of damage from one day session this weekend. Any advice on further upgrading hooks and rings would be much appreciated Cheers
  14. AquaticResearch1

    Upgrading hooks and rings

    Cheers guys, I had a chat to a Jack fisho and he puts the St-41's on them to maintain the suspension, which is what i really needed, so I've grabbed a couple of packs and some owner 40lb split rings and put them on the front. Hopefully get to test them out again in a month or so.
  15. AquaticResearch1

    The Hills

    Brilliant fish mate. Those kind of numbers on fly gear would be an absolute blast. What fly is that one pictured? Generally if I've spotted A good trout from up high, by the time I get down it is well and truly aware if my presence and goes awol.
  16. AquaticResearch1

    Upgrading hooks and rings

    Cheers mate, I mainly use Jack lures for them so it is good to hear that happens up north. My two best lures have been recommended by Jack fishos for Jack fishos so could definitely pay off.
  17. AquaticResearch1

    Upgrading hooks and rings

    Not enough hurt imo. I'm running 8ft of 20lb leader on one setup and 15lb on the other, with a 3-6kg and a 2-4kg rod respectively. I'm also using a kayak mainly so you'd think that'd reduce the hurt but not so much. I think the issue is mainly coming from the strike, which is extremely savage as I'm trolling for relatively big fish. Secondly the head shakes they throw around can be pretty harsh. Although imo none of this should make it happen but it just keeps going on. Although I've changed to singles on lures like double clutches and metals, I'd rather the trebles in this case as they increase the hook up rate with swipes and territorial attacks. Haha yeah mate they do. That was my reaction originally but it keeps happening and frankly, although it is proof of a good day, I'd rather not have to keep upgrading and then subsequently replacing stuff. I'll have a look into BKK Southie, cheers mate. I've gone through most of my first packet now and the front treble is the one that cops it most, so really 1 heavier treble on the front may not hurt. Edit: After a bit of research today, I've noticed the Jackal do a 'hank tune' on some lures where they add a heavy front treble for fish like Barramundi and such. Definitely worth a shot.
  18. AquaticResearch1

    Upgrading hooks and rings

    Thinking of going with St-41 trebles but don't know how they may affect the action. Any experience?
  19. AquaticResearch1

    Wading Tub

    Really like it, great idea How does it go if the chop kicks up? I imagine trailing a gulp worm or similar behind it would pick up the odd fish
  20. AquaticResearch1

    Couple from the Coorong

    That shot of the night sky is a belter
  21. AquaticResearch1

    Carp for bait and burley?

    Used it on slimy mackerel, tommies, salmon, bream, far and potentially more. Worked on all of them.
  22. AquaticResearch1

    Snapper fishing lessons - worth it?

    How much salt you use mate? I've only used it fresh or briefly frozen.
  23. AquaticResearch1

    Snapper fishing lessons - worth it?

    Can't help much with snapper, but the carp idea is good. They are great bait and really oily, good cheap burley that I'm going to get into eventually if I have adequate freezer space
  24. AquaticResearch1

    The Pat

    Jesus those decoy plugging singles absolutely shit me to tears. Used them on a hot bite one time off some rocks and dropped fish after fish after fish swinging them up onto the rocks. Personally use gamakatsu or owner inline singles and never had a problem with those. Interesting you have a good landing rate with the decoys. My hook up rage was good but lifting fish was... I'm mad just thinking about it.