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  1. Crazy that wood could catch on fire and cause that kind of fire, there must have been another source of ignition. Very sad to see for the owner, it looks like a nice vessel. Timely reminder for those with engine rooms to check their emergency fuel shut offs, closable engine room vents, fire suppression systems etc. Glad everyone is ok. PS If any ships proceed down barker inlet they are in trouble.
  2. Their plucking old data from, trying to confuse information and inventing reasons to lower the bag limits and restrict us further. Have they had time to measure the effects of the Marine parks yet? How are they collecting recreational catch data? Have they taken into consideration that commercial fishing practices have change making it harder for them.
  3. Penn slammer 260 would be another bomb proof option.
  4. Most tide information would be accurate. One thing tide predictions ( tides that are forecasted ) don't take into consideration is differences in Barometric pressure and forecasted weather on any particular day ( differences in barometric pressure and weather are often linked. . Low pressure systems tend to raise sea levels and high pressure systems tend to lower them. Variations in tide will also happen when we have periods of strong winds, normally linked to low pressure systems and affects of sea breeze. When we have prolonged periods of strong wind you will notice large tides at the tops of both gulfs.
  5. I think, Im not a tackle buff. I don't know what line is on all my reels.
  6. 20 lb braid down to a 30lb short trace. I have a few siennas that mates use when on my boat. This was his first snapper. Handled it no worries. I have a few sustains aswell, id much rather spend 50 bucks on a sienna then $300 on a sustain.
  7. DO we post our report / story here or just anywhere on form.
  8. Nice work Brenton, looks great.
  9. It's hard not to assume or be defensive when you have so many groups attacking something that we all love.