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  1. I have a 13' Daiwa Sensor, a purchased 7153 2 piece Snyder, another custom built 1 piece 7153 Snyder.I regularly throw big weights with them, have dropped them and banged them more than I'd care to mention and they all have never let me down. I'm confident that they will continue to serve me well for some time yet.The Snyders with Alveys on them are as heavy as hell but I personally very much like them. The Sensor is light and very responsive, I really enjoy fishing with that too.Good luck with the decisions.On a side note, I'm very interested to hear how someone has snapped two Sensors?Cheers.
  2. Rods are ok in the passenger cabin, as long as they're multi-piece and broken down.Reels are ok too, the security scumbags may check to make sure there are no hooks attached.No tools, knives, etc, or anything wih hooks on it.
  3. Sounds like a good purchase.That Wilson rod should both cast and fight well.Tight lines.
  4. South Oz rods is a great place for custom rods and repairs.That said, once a blank has been broken, it's impossible to get it back to even close to what it was.Good luck though. Hopefully you'll find a satisfactory course of action.Cheers.
  5. Gday.The guides are the things that the line runs through from the reel to the tip of the rod...Nah just joking!They're just bottom end ATC guides mate. I didn't want to go nuts on the $$$ for this rod as Whiting, Squid and Tommies aren't going to throw down blisteringly long runs that necessitate higher-spec guides when using light braid.Hopefully when this weather clears through I'll give the rod a test run and post up the results.Cheers.
  6. Gday.I've finally finished a rod for myself - just as the warm weather is leaving us.After reading all the success with Yellowfin Whiting, I thought I'd knock myself up a long and light rod for targeting Whiting, Tommies, Salmon Trout and Squid from the rocks or shallow waters.MHX 2pc Graphite Spin 9’6” 4-8lbIt matches up nicely with my 2000 Sol which I just wound into the reel seat. When this crappy weather has passed, hopefully I’ll get the chance to give it a flick.Cheers.
  7. Thanks for the info. My curiosities are now satisfied. I can read the weekend fishing articles with the confidence that the author does know about his subject matter.Greg is the gentleman I was referring to about being a bottomless pit of wisdom - and a really lovely bloke to boot.As for the weekday reports: I'll no longer read them. When I feel like going fishing now, I'll just stab my finger down on a map and commit to fishing that location - even if it's nowhere near water. I'll also pack my tacklebag with my eyes shut.Cheers.
  8. G'day.Just to make it clear: I wasn't impugning Jon Huie's fishing write-ups, merely respectfully inquiring as to who he actually was and thus his depth of expertise.But, as has been mentioned, I reckon the best info comes from where we are right now.Cheers. Tight lines.
  9. G'day.Every time I feel my pocket is too heavy by $1.10 I buy The Appetiser and after making my way into this glorious piece of print media I find myself at the weekday fishing reports: Salmon Trout here, Squid and crabs at these Jetties, Garfish aplenty there and so on.Who actually is writing this? To me, it seems like someone is just inventing the reports from a combination of fish species and place names.My second question regards to the more expansive weekend write-ups: who is Jon Huie? The articles and points of note seem fairly comprehensive but, without slandering this gentleman's credibility, who is he and how does he know what he's talking about?I ask these questions after a few years of reading many articles in our 2 SA fishing publications written by "people in the know" (including one gentleman who works at a mid southern coastal suburbs tackle shop, who I've found to be nothing but a bottomless pit of wisdom) and wondering again "who is actually writing these words in The Appetiser" and "who actually is Jon Huie".Any ideas out there?Cheers.Disclaimer:I write this post with the sharp knowledge that I have never written a fishing column, and the last time I did, my mate promptly ripped it off the dartboard, took it to the.bathroom and proceeded to do I don't know what with it.
  10. Gday.I started out with the gold old favourite: The Ugly Stik with a $30 no-name reel then moved onto a 1pc Shimano Raider I was given which was a great rod for Whiting. Now I've gone for 2 piece rods due to them being easier to get in & out of cars, boats, kayaks, etc.From my kayak or a boat if I'm lucky enough to get a deckie job: St Croix 2pc 6'6" 6-12lb (one is SCIII, the other is a new SCV which is a bit flasher), Shimano Stradic 2500 & 3000 (the old ones), 10lb Power Pro braid.From the beach: Samurai S001X 7' 3-5kg or a MHX 9'6" 4-8lb (which is good for squidding too), Daiwa Sol 2000, 10lb Fireline.I find that the flash gear makes me look partially cool and professional while I'm busy not catching fish.Cheers.
  11. Gday.I was having some trouble with the pictures. Previously I've been able to include the photos (reduced in KB size) in the actual post. These ones are in the small link at the bottom and they look to be a bit crappy and not reflective of the quality of finish on this rod.Thanks for the comment though.Cheers.
  12. Gday.I've crapped on about this particular rod in a previous post and I won't miss the opportunity to do so again...Here goes:I've built one of these for a mate (see previous thread), after another mate seing it and having a play with it he then insisted he must have one too... and quick-smart! Yesterday was his deadline as he was heading away for the Easter break (lucky bastard). I was able to get it finished last week and delivered to him yesterday morning. I too had a fish with the original one and it was fantastic on Whiting and handled Snapper to 6kg without any problems when used with restraint. The blank is extremely light, very sensitive but still has ample power when needed. I can't wait to get cracking on the one I'm keeping for myself.The details:2 piece, 6'6", 6-12lb St Croix SCV Graphite with Fuji Alconite guides.Hopefully I'll be able to get my one done soon and post up some reports of it's success.Cheers.
  13. G'day.If it was me, I'd buy a 150m spool of 15lb Power Pro braid and putting just enough mono backing on to fill the spool nicely.15lb braid is more than enough for what you're talking about and for the species your targeting then 150m will be quite adequate.Hope you get it worked out. Let us know how you go.Cheers.