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  1. Some info here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_white_shark Seems 6 - 7 meters is about as long as they get.
  2. Wow thanks b2f and a big thanks to the sponsors for the prizes. Bloody brilliant !!! And C.F.R., i wont let my guard down next year, it was one particular tip that stuffed me up. I tipped North Melbourne to beat the Crows, then at the very last minute, i changed that tip, which i dont usually do. North Melbourne won and i was down a point on where i should have been. Moral of the story, stick to your guns ( tips ) It was good fun this year, always looking over my shoulder. Well done on pipping me. And what happened to snapperhead the crow supporting mug ?? Did he win the tipping spoon Once again, thanks Strike Hook and sponsors.
  3. Robbers..........most expensive boat ramp fee around. What do you metro boaties pay for launching ?
  4. wont get us Im tipping Hawthorn, no.............Sydney, ahhhhhhh bugga, im tipping a draw !!
  5. Not a chance fella, top four this year for the Power !! Close but not quite ..... had me worried though Go you Dockers What was First prize by the way ? Technically im correct Chief. Port finish the season off third.
  6. Not a chance fella, top four this year for the Power !! What was First prize by the way ? Is there a prize b2f, or just the glory of winning
  7. Are finals in the tipping or is it finished now
  8. Not a chance fella, top four this year for the Power !!
  9. Nothing bad at all about that, infact its one of the main reasons i fish, apart from the pure enjoyment, i love a feed of fresh fish, caught by me. You know your getting the freshest possible,and you do the fish justice in knowing that you have looked after it as soon as it leaves the water.Most of us dont get a good feed everytime, so savour the days you do, and dont feel any guilt if your doing the right thing.One thing that makes me feel bad or guilty, is buying some fillets from a fish factory, and supporting an unsustainable enterprise.
  10. With about a month to go, is 2014 on b2f ?
  11. Nice little story there w2Bf I can relate to your frustration losing a good anchor. I've lost about three good grapnels, with chain in the rip, until i was told how to set an anchor up properly by the late Laurie Birdseye.Wasn't a shackle issue, just getting them snagged on the bottom and not having the power to pull them free.And there aint no way i'm diving down into 25 meters of rip water to retrieve anything