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  1. Any waterbased acrylic paint thinned down is more than adequate for most painting applications from an airbrush
  2. That one is an Solid Uv Orange Head with a green under tail and black stripes with silver fleck in it
  3. It's the main reason why i went searching for these blanks to paint.. Paying 20 bucks plus for an top water lure for whiting is ridiculous. If i can provide a cheaper option that still catches fish im happy to continue painting them and sell a few here or there...
  4. Once i get my Airbrush delivered I'll be out in the shed painting some more so will paint a couple up for you !
  5. Thanks for the update/review mate. Much appreciated. Still waiting for my Airbrush gun to get delivered so painting has been put back a bit. Bit glad to see some fish are getting caught on them.
  6. Just a quick update. Been trying my best to pump a few out over the last week... Works been a pain in the arse. Will pump a few more out before i start to give a couple out.... but heres some I've done so far..
  7. Hey All.... I haven't forgotten about this..... Been in bed Since Saturday crook as a dog so haven't been able to do much.... On the plus side My Blanks arrived today and my new range of paints came in aswell and....... I have the weekend off With the weather being crap aswell i'll pump out some lures over the weekend.... Stay tuned!!!
  8. As soon as i get some blanks mate ill let ya know
  9. Cheers all for the opinions.... As much as i'd like to paint every colour combination possible I want to try limit it to 5 Colours at the moment. That way i can paint up bulk lots without to much hassle... I might paint up another couple different ones once i get my blanks then go from there.
  10. once my skills improve even more so it could be on the cards. More a hobbie/time filler at the moment but who knows what might happen
  11. Cheers mate.... Got a few different things on order to try at the moment.... most will be around smaller Species such as bream, reddies trout etc but have a few other avenues i want to target. I Want to concentrate on current species people target at the moment... I also have some 22g Sinking Stickbaits on the way for the Tuna The biggest issue i will run into and will be trial and error is the swimming of the lures.... Might have to try a few different ones to get them perfect for what i want.
  12. Still Not happy with a few things but hey thats all part of learning... Not to bad for my first real attempt at them!
  13. Thanks for all the interest!!! Still waiting for the Blanks to rock up to paint. But in the mean time here are a couple I have painted up.... Sorry for poor Quality photos. Haven't had time to take proper pics....
  14. Just getting a feel at who would be interested and seems i have quite a bit of interest in them... For now here is a couple i have been working on and practicing my skills on... Will post pics of the Topwater lures later on when i have finished with them.
  15. Nice mate.... nothing better than walking creeks and streams catching these beautiful species
  16. Hey all as the title states I am looking for a handful of people that Regularly chase YFW on Top water lures.... I have sourced and custom painted a few and would like a couple people to test them out. As well as getting opinions and feedback on them.... If interested let me know. Conditions of getting your hands on one are: You must actually chase Yellowfin Whiting on Lures You must be able to give me feedback on them and pictures of the lure catching fish.... Im not going to release anymore information as of yet until I get some feedback and see what hardcore Lure Fishos think as if they seem like an popular item i will be putting these up for sale. If interested hit me up.... I will leave this here until next Wednesday and will select 5 people from who ever has applied. As i have limited quantities at the moment...
  17. Best bet is to go pop in and say g'day to the team at Compleat Angler at Wallaroo or Moonta. They are a great bunch of people and will sort you out with where to go and what you'll need!'
  18. we've all been there.... I lost hundreds of dollars in single sessions to fish busting me on reef or structure. I remember fishing lower Yorkes flats one day and catching and releasing fish all day... Snook, Trevally, Flatties, Salmon full mix basket. Ended up losing $260 in lures in one session and that $260 were lures discounted when i was working in the tackle shop. So i'd hate to think how much I actually lost retail value wise.... Most of the Lures would of been around the $15-$25 mark. Hence why I am looking for cheaper alternatives that i can get that are cheap enough but will do the job there suppose to and swim straight. If that means fine tuning and replacing terminal tackle or sharperning hooks then so be it .....
  19. How have those Strike Pro lures I got you treated you? got a few fish on them?
  20. Just a few there mate Do you buy your lures on special? or do you just have the urge to buy whenever you feel like it?
  21. Cheers for all the input lads. It's givingme some food for thought....