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  1. Yeah thinking the same. If its half as good as last year ill be happy but this fresh water situation is making me a little nervous!
  2. Any reports of mullies being caught in the coorong yet this year?
  3. Cant wait for the first signs of life in the coorong!! Easily my fave time and species. Definitely keen to hit the YFW on the pops not a real seafood fan so strictly C&R. Bream of the surface is always fun to as things warm up. Might have a serious shot at a shark something i havnt given much time in the past but always mean to. Want to try some micro jigging out wirrina way never know what might turn up! Love this time of the year!
  4. Took my stradic ci4 to cairns few months back (3000) loaded it with 20lb ppwer pro caught spanish maks all day up to a metre no problem!
  5. Cheers guys rhanks for the feedback beginning to lean towards the 20.
  6. Ok so ive been wanting to have a go at the Port Augusta kingies for some time now and will be heading up in the next few weeks depending on weather tides ect. I have a lure throwing outfit (50lb terez 10000 saragosa 50lb braid) which will be rigged ready to go should the opportunity arise. I want to to by a combo to live bait with and possibly a down rigger. Dont want to spend a million dollars thinking $400 or there abouts.thinking 24kg overhead set up. Thinking of buying a TLD 25 spooling with 50lb mono and suitable rod with whats left-over. Any thoughts? What are you guys using? 50lb momo yes? No? My thinking is mono less likely to get snapped of on structure. Would love to hear some opinions and other options cheers guys.
  7. Mate you are absolutely smashing it. Must hook up one day and have a flick!
  8. How long is a piece of string?? If you purely look at it from a financial perspective your probably better off going to your local fish monger. Tjat said the joy and satisfaction you get from this hobby is priceless! The amount i jave spent on fishing gear boat etc would keep everyone one this site fed on top quality seafood for the remainder of there natural lifes lol!that said you could buy a reasonable all rounder set up for $50 and get hours of satisfaction as well as top notch fresh seafood . Just avoid lure fishing its more addictive than ice!
  9. About six years ago i was down the bower rd end of lake without any fishing gear and seen a school basking in the sun near the rope with the bouys on it.there would have been 50 odd bream ranging from high 30s to mid 40s all right near the surface minding there own biz. Dont know about 50cm but im sure they exist. My biggest went 43cm in some skinny water over KI. It seen a school of big bream cruising around and im sure my 43cm fish was one of the smaller ones. I also think people may mistake the silhouette of rugger snapper as XOS bream. I would like to be proven wrong but im yet to see a 50cm bream on a brag matt
  10. Ps alex im nat Williams on fb case u were wondering and im sure you were lol!
  11. Last time i was up there for work had a quick flick with some plastics near edge of warf got a lot of ST's and a few small flatties sure you will manage to pull something mind blowing out from there!!
  12. I have a 10k saragosa on a 50lb shimano terez ive heard yhem refered to as broom sticks but totally disagree! Can cast light lures no probs as well as massive poppers and big baits. Got mine for a steal at a pawn broker who obviously didn't know its true value.
  13. Personally i think samaki make the best value for money rods i own a k2 6lb which is a beautiful rod. But my absolute pride and joy is my ZRT a 6kg rod i use for flicking plastics for mullys. Absolutely amaz5!! Lighter than most bream rods insanely crisp feel and looks the part to with its gold blingy bits lol.
  14. any particular style pf jig seemed to be more effective on the snapper? Got a few 40 and 60g slow blatt jigs im assuming you use them kinda slow?? I have watched them fall in 10m of water in the port seem to flutter down with a pretty vool action. Sts loved them but that aint saying much lol.
  15. Thats what i like to hear rotare!! In the past ive had difficulty getting plastics down onto the snapper when i know they are there im guessing with a jig you can locate them on sounder and drp it straight on their heads.