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  1. Yep just use some sika flex marine adhesive.
  2. nosaj

    Goolwa Cockles

    Thanks for letting us know. Sounds like another opportunity for a Strike and Hook catch up and cockle day like a few years back....
  3. Brutus, a man of many talents !
  4. That's a shame for them that the business is closing. I know it was for sale some time ago, I actually thought it had been sold on
  5. A guy at work has tried the battery method a few times but there is a lot of effort for very little return. The other thing he was using were old lead knock on wheel weights.
  6. Nice report and pics doobie, great you could get out while it was decent and get a few.
  7. nosaj


    Nice shots Wilda !
  8. You may be able to try using barrier cream before you start fishing, then re-apply as you go. Most types absorb into the skin quickly without any residue or smell that could transfer to the bait.
  9. Nice work guys, some decent looking fish there
  10. Thanks for the review plankton, handy bit of gear.
  11. I read once using cotton wool for mullet bait.....
  12. Never fail to disappoint Alex, yet another awesome report and photos ! Thanks for sharing. Great job.
  13. Seems to do the trick there lofty. Good work