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  1. Tri

    New gear

    I've been able to use my combo a few times and I've been absolutely astounded by the lightness and ease of casting and it's strength. Love it!
  2. Tri

    New gear

    Lunkerhunter is a model of rod http://daiwafishing.com.au/products/generation-black-2/
  3. Tri

    New gear

    That's the plan, what's West Lakes been like? anyone know?
  4. Tri

    New gear

    I'm targeting any type of pan fish really, whiting, bream, salmon trout, flat head. I really don't like egg beaters, and this combo allows me to throw lighter lures, where I want them. Today I got a bucket load of leather jackets, threw them all back. Was hoping for some whiting, but no go today, I'll try next week.
  5. Tri

    New gear

    I have finally found my dream rod and reel, it took a week for me to pick everything up but I've gotten it. My daiwa tatula type R left hand baitcaster and daiwa 3 piece travel rod, the lunkerhunter. This duo really made my type of fishing a breeze and a pleasure to use. Casting was so easy and the retrieve was smooth. If anyone was looking for a light baitcaster combo to target a huge range of fish. Then I'd recommend the set up I'm using. I was able to get it at a great price from fisherman's paradise in the city.
  6. Tri

    Finding the worms

    I'm going down tomorrow to try my luck again
  7. Tri

    Finding the worms

    Hey, I didn't get a chance to thank you Chris and Sean before you guys left. Both of you helped me a bunch, I've never been able to find them until now with your help I'm going to keep trying and until I get it, I'll even put off doing this https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153003582789508 to get the worms! Thanks again both of you it was fun, even though I didn't get any at all hahahah.
  8. Tri

    Finding the worms

    I'll probably be down there around 11ish.
  9. Tri

    Finding the worms

    Hey mate seems like I'll be down tomorrow, what time should I be there do you think?
  10. Tri

    Finding the worms

    Unfortunately it was too hot the other day and I've had to work, hopefully I can get down there soon, but I'll definitely let you know when I go down. Thanks again, Tri.
  11. Tri

    Finding the worms

    Man that's really helpful, I'm going to go down tomorrow and have a go! I think I know which house you're referring to, but honestly most of the houses on the esplanade look like castles lol. Thanks heaps!
  12. Tri

    Christmas ideas?

    You can get some pretty sweet spin combos for around $150. http://www.bcf.com.au/online-store/products/Penn-Squadron-Spin-Combo-6F6-3-6kg.aspx?pid=366538&menuFrom=30301#Recommendations
  13. Hey guys I was wondering what I can catch using live squid that I catch as bait at Brighton Jetty, Has anyone done it? What have you caught? How heavy was your gear? Cheers in advance. Tri.
  14. Tri

    Finding the worms

    Thanks for the tips guys, I just can't wait to have a go. So I"m thinking when the wind isn't too harsh and on the run out tide. Is that what you guys would recommend?
  15. Tri

    Finding the worms

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone can give me a couple of insights as to where I can locate some sand or beach worms. I've watched many a video in the techniques of how to get them and am super keen to give it a try, I just don't know where to go. I'm thinking of trying Tennyson Beach as I've heard lots of YFW been caught off there, so I can only assume their favourite food must be around too, worms. Would appreciate any kind of clue. Tri.