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  1. As others have said the first is a Dusky Morwong (Dactylophora nigricans) and the second is definitely a female blue throated wrasse (Notolabrus tetricus).
  2. BARGAIN! That book is $25-$30. Good score
  3. I have been buying SA angler since I first found it in 2005 and Wildcoast from when it started (cant remember how long now). I am a big fan of fishlife since its first issue and Sport Fishing Australia has maintained my interest.I've religiously bought modern fishing for a few years but ever since lewers, starlo, amon and a few others left the quality of the mag has dropped MASSIVELY; conveniently at the same time they started adding 'action adventure' which i don't mind reading but even the quaity of that has declined over the last 2 or 3 issues. I'll give it one more month and then i'm done, too many ads and poor articles. I've been hoping it will pick back up but it now has the feel of action adventure, TONNES of ads and minimal articles. Comparing the modern fishing magazines before and after shows a huge difference if you've still got some lying around. Just have a look at how many pages they spread an article over... quite a few pages with one paragraph on it making a short article 6 pages :/Looks like i'll reduce to SA Angler, Wildcoast, Sport Fishing Australia, Fishlife and Tournament Angler Guides Great reads all round and always something new to learn!I suppose the internet has taken a lot away from needing to purchase a mag. For example this forum has all the answers on it with members that take the time to help out others and combined with trip reports it isn't hard to stay in the loop as to what is happening around SA.I personally enjoy reading and read quite a lot so for me reading magazines is quite relaxing and to be perfectly honest nice to not look at a bloody computer screen I get tired of scouring forums for info.Magazines will always have their fans and for those new to the sport are a fantastic medium to learn the ropes. I cant see how they will perform as digital mags but I look at a computer enough so it is nice to actually hold it and pick the pages so i'll never buy one.I'll keep reading and keep learning and when i'm tired of magazines I always have my fishing books to read (last count was around the 70 mark)
  4. I've caught the majority of my carp in the torrens on them. I think it is a 2-5kg 6ft telescopic shimano eclipse.. bout $25 from memory.Handled carp up to 8.2kg so far and still going. I wouldn't hesitate to use one Very convenient to stick in the backpack when riding
  5. Ever since I started investing in decent gear I have purchased all of my rods and reels at Ray and Annes. I buy a lot of lures from there too but I live on the other side of town so I buy small things at closer places when I don't have much time. The majority of my gear is purchased at Ray and Annes though. I appreciate Bruce's honesty and straight shooting when it comes to gear. Obviously not everyone has had positive experiences but I'll continue to support Brucey's shopCheersTom
  6. Until I bought a tcurve I used a $70 shimano et special I got from big w and it is still a top rod. It has nothing on the tcurve but has landed me a tonne of salmon, snook, squid, huge snapper, redfin, carp. I'd only buy graphite but I rate them, you don't need to spend big bucks to have fun and flick lures and soak a few baits.Nicer gear is nicer to use but kmart gear will get the job done!
  7. Bugger, I caught a big fat 66cm the other week :/Only just came across the thread
  8. Best snapper i've knocked over with my 4000 ci4 was 13.2kg, smashed it! Bloody nice reel to use and very reliable. Even with a heap of drag it never felt like I was pushing the reel that hard. To be perfectly honest unless you were fishing out real deep it is the biggest size i'd go. I had plenty of line left on the reel and at least one more kg of drag when I caught the big snap. Drag got a brutal workout that day on a dozen fish between 8-13kg and is still performing as it should.Also strap mine to a seajigger for pegging out salmon lures and it does the job brilliantly
  9. Is the 70cm gummy the big shark in this story or have i missed something?
  10. I forgot this was my thread :)I ended up with a 3 piece 2-4kg raider very handy!
  11. I've got the sustain 2500 fg. Bloody nice reel to use! I love my ci4's but this reel blows them away in smoothness of both general turning of the handle and drag. A great reel
  12. Its all about quality not quantity :whistle: :whistle:
  13. Sad to hear, but it certainly wont be the last we'll hear of it
  14. Whenever I fish for them there are too many double headers. One flapping fish at a time is easier to measure and re-bait