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  1. Thanks Nikhum, Good to know if I decide to buy any.
  2. I've been told the gulps can go off if you dont use them, Is there any truth to this?
  3. I like to use 4lb and 8lb Sunline rock FC as my leaders and I use Sunline FC sniper for my casting flouro. I've go no complaints with either, Both tie well and cast well. I did use the daiwa tournament FC both in 2lb and 4lb and didn't like them one bit. Both snapped quite easily when tying knots and fighting fish (Lost a couple of good fish at the FC end of my line) . I thought it was my braid cutting into the FC so I mad sure the knots were well lubricated and pulled on the knots slowly and they still snapped. I went back to sunline FC and haven't had anymore dramas, Maybe I just had a bad batch.
  4. no_idea

    Fly reels.

    I like to see the responses here newtontoney as I'm currently looking for a fly rod and reel and have asked myself if the price tag on alot of the gear is justified.
  5. Great review, I use the rapala sling bag for my landbased sessions which is a handy piece of kit. I managed to get it on special for $70 a few years back.
  6. no_idea

    what braid

    The cheaper braids tend to be flat and not round which can effect knot strength and castability. Something to think about anyway when you make your choice. I use sunline, fins and power pro with no issues.
  7. no_idea

    Looking for

    There are 500 reels on the digitaka website.
  8. I remember getting some from tackle world Welland and www.fishin.com.au. Use them all the time with SP, HB and blades with no issues. I watched a youtube video about them and they quoted " Just another piece in the link that can fail on you". It's personal preference I think. Cheers, Dom.
  9. Thanks all for the info, some really good stuff there. Definitely will have to do some more research. I will let you all know what i end up buying.
  10. As the title suggest I'm looking at getting a set of decent polarised sunglasses. I have mainly been looking at both Mako and Tonic. Does anyone on here have experience with these brands and are they worth the money? Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Dom.
  11. Great report Alex, Good stuff on the PB'S.
  12. Off topic but I stayed down at cockburn last year for 2 weeks and had to get around via taxi. First day when I wanted to get back to cockburn, I pronounced it how I read it and the taxi driver (who I found later out was a cockburn local) wasn't to happy with me. Apparently it's pronounced Co-burn. Lol.
  13. Haha all good projoe, That will be my name when my fishing gets some what better. And thanks for the support lads. I'm mainly fishing Westlakes with soft plastics targeting bream. I know this is a tough water way to fish and bream aren't the easiest to tempt. But a few pointers on retrieves and what to look for in the line would be handy as this is where I lack confidence. I work away as well so my fishing time while I'm home is pretty limited, so I want to be able to fish effectively while I'm out. As why I was looking for a guide. But any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated. I fish from a kayak or land based and my setup consists of a 7' Catana rod with a 1000 symmetre reel, Spooled with fins 4lb braid and a 4lb Berkley vanish leader. I'm using squidgie and z man lures, with some success with the squidgie range. And by success (a bit embarrassed now) I have managed around 2 bream in 12 months .
  14. Does anyone know of a fishing guide (fishing teacher) in Adelaide, I know in other states there are guides. I have mates in other states that have spent time with a guide and have learnt a great deal. Would be good to see where I'm going wrong with my fishing! Lol. Cheers, Dom.