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  1. Will add also to try 3-4lb leader of at least 7ft and when it's flat with no wind try a lighter jighead too.
  2. WLs isn't easy compared to other systems. Certainly there's plenty of fish in there but what works elsewhere doesn't always work in there. I'm no expert fishing WLs but you need to think more about where you're fishing, at what time of the day. There's more to it than that but it takes perseverance. If I had a dollar for every time I scored a donut in WLs... Imo the fish in WLs have it pretty easy because they get fed by residents and the system is on most days being replenished by sea twice a day. I've had days there where I've presented virtually every lure I own at them and 90% of the time they won't even take a sideways look. If they do, they might follow briefly then turn their noses at it. There's many plastics that work on bream in WLs, I'm not going to make any suggestions because I'm guessing that if you chase bream on plastics you most likely already own the ones that work and it's no secret. Good luck with it. I might fish it myself Saturday A.M
  3. Have you tried getting the bait down deeper? When they're finicky sometimes I'll get the hooks down 1-2m
  4. I tend to think that using clips on a jighead has more effect on the action of the lure than when fishing hb lures with clip. 99% of the time I use a loop knot to both jighead or hb lure. Removing the split ring from the bib of a lure can also improve the action in my experience.
  5. Easy to get disappointed sometimes no question. Truth is, if fish are not in the area your bait is you won't catch fish. Doesn't matter what prep or research or even how good you are or think you are, you won't catch fish. I fish with a mate on a boat occasionally and this season the garfish have been difficult to find in numbers and size, we've tried plenty as garfish are my fav table fish. Like all types of fishing it takes practice and learning. Take notes, photos or whatever of what works, when and you'll work out the how. You might notice that on certain tide phases, moon phases, time of the day ect ect that the fish come on the bite for instance. What's the depth of your trace below the float? Photo?
  6. Most of the SP fishing I do is for bream in various systems, occasionally chase mullies and snapper on them too but I've never really been bothered by fish pulling the plastic from the jighead. Sometimes we get loads of leatheries on a snapper drop but I'll switch to a metal jig or sinking stick bait or we move altogether As an example most guys I've come across that fish plastics for bream predominantly use a 2.5" motor oil grub, for good reason but having said that for me I've easily caught more fish on different shapes and colours and wouldn't rank the motor oil grub in my top 5 picks. I really enjoy that part of fishing too where I can find out what's working where and when.
  7. Never used glue on any plastics, have never felt I've needed to. Most often I'll do exploratory fishing in an area to find what's working on that particular day in that area. I'll have usually a half dozen plastics in my pocket (not in my tackle bag) and I'll change colour and or type of plastic in one particular area to determine what they're liking. Sometimes I don't have to change things up because they hit the first one I cast but they definitely hit different colours and types on different days. If I glued them and had to re-tie a new jighead everytime I changed I probably wouldn't bother.
  8. I put the braid between my teeth... easy Anything below 12-14lb leaders I use improved albright
  9. Bladesg

    Cranka Crab

    Trust me they work!
  10. Bladesg

    Cranka Crab

    Not sure if you're being serious.... Try the tackle shop on grand junction road, the one that carries a lot of high end gear.
  11. Bladesg

    Cranka Crab

    You guys obviously don't look real hard. These are available and have been for at least 4 weeks at a very well known local tackle shop