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  1. This may help in some info WaspyI have been using this Strikerline for over a year and it works as it's meant to,I have never had any issues from it.Just recently i got this 20Lb Power Pro super 8 line to try out20Lb Power Pro super 8 line thickness dia .23mm20Lb Strikerline thickness dia .18mmPicture shows the two brands but the Strikerline pictured is actually 30 Lb line which is .26mmSo for 300m for under $13 incl delivery it's not bad a deal and it is a thinner braid,remembering the line is probably made in the same factory as other well known brands.Pics taken with mobile..sorry for the q
  2. You left out background information about yourself
  3. Yes squid jigs off the jetty or boat,incl under a float being land based.Used green or red..ebayhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7A_TX-qmQ4w
  4. Either you missed to point i'm making or i'm not explaining it properly .Lets fish instead
  5. On the subject of split grips if anyone else has built rods you would know the EVA which is missing on the split grip rods is so incredibly light especially on the smaller out fits like SP breaming gear.The weight of it virtually plays very little to none in adding weight and disrupting the balance of a outfit.When i make up an extended rod butt i now build the rod with split grip as for show only.One of my surf rods where the reel is high mount and sits 85cm from butt end is split grip but once again only for show and i didn't have to use the extra EVA.Not sure what this whole fuss is about r
  6. Ok so with weight being that light it would be breaming type set up.But your had on the rod still needs to be close to the reel and preferably above.How awkward is it going to be if your hand is 6-7 inches forward or behind the reel and your twitching then turning (retrieving) line at the same time.It will still come down to personal preference,but on the other hand try doing what you say on heavier gear and things change quickly.Not everyone's going to be using 300g outfit.
  7. If the balancing point is around the reel it helps when retrieving and twitching rod tip making the lure work.Having a rod front or rear heavy will make the rod awkward to work as the wrist will tire quickly.Still depends on what's being targeted to what easy to use
  8. These RPG lures have good results
  9. But not so much for rough bottom fishing shown in this video but in getting casting distance,if using a fish as bait it puts the fish behind the lead weight and streamlines it through the air.Plus the bait won't be swirling around as it's flying and reducing distance.Oh just noticed Plankton had explainedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUBIMcwsi2Q
  10. The only way a rod and reel can be balanced is by going into a tackle store and fitting reels to rods in finding the pivot point.As pic from 4THALOVEIf buying some gear online you won't know and only guessing it will balance.This exacting formula is usually for the bream guys where they're going to be hundreds of casts in a day.Yesterdays lure casting was on a silstar glass rod,last week was on a shimano graphite rod.All comes down to the weight of lures to what works best.
  11. Reasoning would be a saving in materials for the manufacturer,gives the rod some character/appeal to the buyer.It's one part of the rod users don't handle in use or casting.
  12. If i'm not casting out too far then it's a paternoster rigTrying to get to outer distance gutter it's a pulley rig
  13. Beach fishing NOSand will at some stage get into the rod and create that grinding/grit feel.River or boat no problemo
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