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  1. Speaking to a counterpart in WA, they don’t just have a Snapper ban to abide by, they have a full demersal fishing ban: http://www.fish.wa.gov.au/Fishing-and-Aquaculture/Recreational-Fishing/Recreational-Fishing-Rules/Bag_And_Size_Limits/Pages/Demersal-Finfish.aspx Amazingly, the sky hasn’t fallen, when not in ban they can now find enough fish to rustle up a feed and the stocks seem to be coming back. Can image the outcry if that was implemented here!! I’ve seen countless post’s on social media saying how “ I will just bag on Nannies instead” or find some Sharks etc etc.. This just opens it up to exploitation IMO, bottom bouncing a ledge out wide, it’s a lucky dip, at times every second fish could be a snapper. So all those snapper will be released, potentially die for the hope that the next fish is a Nannie or Swallowtail that you can keep. I personally am all for the 3 year ban ( assuming stricter regs are put in place afterwards), but feel they should’ve made it demersal , and state wide. The current ban has left enough loop holes for exploitation, and its proven time and time again, give fishermen enough line, and they will take every last mm of it. I for one am guilty of the last sentence, why did you take a bag of fish? Cos I can, they were there and it’s my right to be able to take the bag, plus I can freeze it and eat for weeks.
  2. Good points RJ and Kon, as always, on point!! You covered a whole lot of concerns and realityt that I’m sure many haven’t even thought about but will very well be part of reality. In regards to elected members to sit on the council: Last I read, The forum being included couldn’t agree on who was suitable to run for the council, they didn’t have a suitable female amongst their ranks, and their loyal leader is too busy collecting benefits and running the forum to do anything else. They only had one person locked in, and he isn’t exactly a local. As for the other 2 “organizations”, do they even have more than 3 members each to throw into the mix? I figured it was 2 guys, 2 separate organizations and a dormant laminating machine waiting for new member cards.. That’s unless they can put forward Facebook likes as sitting members?
  3. Dave, I’ll take your bait, simply because you asked nicely and asked for my opinion (not that it matters). My reply will also be way of topic. I don’t have an affiliation with any of these groups, I just don’t like seeing people get mislead with blanket statements and fake news. I see a lot of hypocrisy in these topics, and people taking the kudos for stuff they haven’t done, and counting chickens well before they’ve hatched. Ultimately , the egg ends up on their face and like many before them, they fade away, never to be seen again. In regards to the topics you raised, whether Recfish, PIRSA, SAFA, Central or FistnSA have played a part in any of if it, makes no difference to me: Marine Parks. Blue Swimmer Crab bag limits. Blue Swimmer Crab commercial season opening at the beginning of December just to make sure there was no metro crabs left by Christmas for recs. KGW bag and possession limits. The amount of noise they are currently making RE. cutting the Southern Bluefin Tuna bag in half. Not one marine park introduced has affected me personally, it was a huge storm in a tea cup in my opinion and I don’t know of one person that no longer gets fish cos of them. As a side note, neither SAFA or RecfishcENTRAL where around when they were introduced, all FistnSA did was have a few loud mouth’s at a meeting and print some bumper stickers.. From my understanding some other people who just carry on behind the scenes had more political clout during this debate, to this day they still carry on behind the scenes, no internet glory for them. I’m 100% totally in agreeance with 20 crabs/person being the limit, I see no reason for a person being able to take 40, you didn’t ask but I’m the same with Garfish. Commercials taking Crabs before xmas, that’s an easy one, money makes the world goes around, and just like prawns and Snapper, Australians like to eat seafood on Xmas day, not all of them have the privilege to own a boat nor be good enough to catch them, so they must buy. No problem with 10KG’s/ person, again, 10 fish provides my family of 4 with a good nights feed. No problem with SBT getting cut to 1 /person, a 13kg Tuna will feed my family for months, if for whatever reason I wanted more, I’d just go out again and keep another. Every summer we see lots of fish left to rot in bins and charter operators being left with excess fish cos customers kept their limit without needing to. The above are my opinions only and I won’t bother replying to anyone how questions my thinking, its only cos you asked that I replied. Not a single one of my fisher friends have trouble getting fish, actually the opposite, as boats get bigger, equipment gets better and social networking improves, we find fishing easier every year. On the most, they all agree with me on the topic of Crabs, KG’s, Tuna bag limits So it erks me when I see people talking all gloom and doom about fishing politics, all it does is create disunity and miss information. Many of these types talk about fishing for the future and the chance to give their kids and grandkids a chance to get some fish. But not once have I seen them post about taking their kids and grandkids fishing in the now!! I’ve travelled the world, fished in many places and am well aware that we have it very good in Australia. But not for a second do I think we should just take it for granted and not care about our future, I just don’t think chest beating on the internet or resorting to 80’s style Painters and Dockers is the right way .
  4. So you didn't block me, you had "admin" block me, but some how you don't know who I am.....If that the case, how can you be sure your admin blocked me? You make zero sense. and as per usual going on some tangent instead of focusing on the question at hand. The fact remains RecFish are still the peak body (initial question asked of this thread), and the liberal government have confirmed Recfish have a valid contract till next year. The libs have again said they are looking at forming some form of council with the exact details yet to be confirmed. But Yelliwtail, please be sure to keep us in the loop when something comes to fruition from all your hard work.
  5. Hating? I'm just pointing out the facts Graham!! What is this curtain you speak off? This is the internet mate, we use handles on Forums. You'd know exactly who am if you hadn't blocked me on social media where again you refused to answer any questions I posed to you. I wait to see your notes from this meeting!! Good luck
  6. Um,not quite You nor RecfishCentral represent ANYONE on ANY Council at this point in time. You’ve just posted another promotional political article published in a small newspaper about the same concept that’s been spruiked pre election. The liberals havnt firmed anything up other than the fact RecFish are still the peak body and have a valid contract till next year. By all means tho, please do check in and let us know when something actually happens.
  7. Hows this working out for you Mr Keegan? Supposedly 277,000 Anglers have an invested interest in this situation, you claim to represent how many of them? Whats the update from SAFA? RecfishCENTRAL who claim to represent .08% of them has come out with the attached "media release" admitting he and his members may have very well been shafted libs_break_policy.pdf
  8. pretty close to 100 days since elected.... No official communication from anybody with any clout. No changes in regards to anything. All I've seen is some delayed generic response letters sent to Recfish Central and SAFA saying that the government still value rec fishing.... At this stage looks like it was all pre-election political spin
  9. The official pre election policy statement is in the below link, any thing else is hearsay as far as I'm concerned Again, this was PRE ELECTION. Again, (happy to be proven wrong) I can't see it anywhere being stated as being implemented within 100 days of taking office. https://www.stevenmarshall.com.au/representation_for_recreational_and_commercial_fishers https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/liberalpartyofaustralia/pages/4920/attachments/original/1511994352/POLICY_RECREATIONAL_FISHING_COUNCIL.pdf?1511994352 Of note, I see PIRSA will be for the better word, the gate keeper's.
  10. Truth? All I'm seeing is a pre-election pamphlet knocked up by the Liberals outlining what they "promise" to do if elected!! Anybody who thinks that a government intends to or in fact can realistically deliver on all election promises is delusional. I, like the rest of this forum will wait and see if this re-structure actually happens, and if so, anything good comes of it.
  11. LOL, Feel free to link on here any slandering I’ve done Graham… just pointing out facts that’s all. By the way, give a rats what you or any other facebook/forum admin think of me.
  12. Cos everything on facebook is the truth .... Election policy/promises one thing, legislation changes once in government are a very different animal. Its concerning your trying to make this out to be something that's its not, yet. By all means, try and hold them accountable to the promises they made to you, but honesty and transparency will go along way to gaining any credibility amongst us.
  13. That "media release" is nothing more than some soap boxing from those within a forum admin group and a couple self proclaimed advisory groups. Until I see an official release from some one within the new government I wont believe a word from any of the people quoted in that badly structured and amateur onlne PDF. We've had a new government for all of 2 days, I'm sure right at the top of their priority is to address recreational fishing politics hahaha
  14. I’ve never found them to descriminate, yesty they ate 3 different divers n the biggest went the skirt in the motor wash . Hardest part of tuna fishing is finding them, the rest is easy.
  15. Wow, finger on the pulse you have, only took you a month to reply on such a hot topic. A reach of 70,000!! your kidding your self mate. Even if true, that's still only 3% of our states population. I bet if I stood at a pontoon on any given Saturday and asked 20 people launching a boat if they know who SAFA or RecFish Central are, Id get 19 blank looks. My bet is the one person that may know of you , would then admit they don't know of anything you guys have achieved for the greater good of Rec's. But hey, at least your trying right? As for slagging off at others? Your the one that does it the best, all you do is sling shit at others, Recfish, PIRSA, the Pro's...except they have all actually achieved something. The election is coming up and I will be proven right, it's a sure bet that fishing politics wont have any say in the outcome. Il be sure to keep a look out tho....