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  1. I make a similar brew......... but instead of using the Italian Dressing....... I use salt water, vinegar, honey, lemon & lime juice and a bit of ginger and peppercorns.
  2. I would just like to say congratulations to Kelvin and that while this was frustrating at times ..... it was good fun.
  3. I think you have it Kidney Slapper, I should have checked my answer earlier and you beat me to the draw, be interesting to see if it's right.
  4. Thanks Knackers, they actually live and breed in Yangi Bay, so I was interested where you saw them. Thanks for your reply cheers.
  5. what area in Coffin Bay were you when you saw the turtle? Just wondering.
  6. I snapped one about 6 months ago. I contacted Shimano to get a new top section. They advised me they don't do that anymore and I had to buy a new rod. If you've only broken the tip between the 1st & 2nd eyelet, take it to a fishing shop and get them to put a new tip on it. You'll hardly notice the difference. Best of luck.
  7. Dmck You are sooooooo right. And there would be change let over with fishing... Empty pockets with dating.