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  1. N.B

    Savage 3D Crabs

    Yeah I'm wondering what sort of action you would use. Drag it along the bottom?
  2. Yeah definitely Bratko. Usually when I'm flicking plastics on the Onk I'll just take one slide in my backpack but when I'm treking down browns or west cape I'd love to be able to take more gear for changing up tackle etc and also keep hands free
  3. Hi guys, Looking for a tackle box backpack for when I'm flicking lures/carrying gear to spots to keep my hands free. Any suggestions on good brands/reasonable prices would be most welcomed. Cheers
  4. Land based snapper and Metro to boot? Any chance of hinting the spot?
  5. Just on bait casters - do you still get wind knots with one? Since it comes off the spool differently
  6. Bugger all happening down my way. I've been out several times but only catching the odd ST/mullet. Hoping it picks up soon.