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  1. YFW advise

    Cheers for that mate I'll give it a crack in the morning and let you all know how I go worst outcome is I have a nice walk
  2. YFW advise

    Cheers for that mate I should be there just before morning high. How far out would you be I'm going to be land based. Cheers mate
  3. YFW advise

    Hi guys am heading down to Thompson or Webb beach tomorrow morning for a shot at yellow fin on poppers. Just after some advise on what area I should target do they just stay on the sand flat or do they hang out near weed beds. Any pointers would be great thanks guys
  4. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Went into buy a pack of soft plastics and then everything went black and the next thing I knew I was a in my car a couple hundred poorer but still the happiest I've been after blacking out .
  5. Port gawler fish spotting

    Haha would be a safe bet was a fresh morning out there
  6. Port gawler fish spotting

    That's it I put all the info in the little black book and try again on Saturday and the adult toy was one for a male as well I took a flick to post on here but thought there may be youngsters on here so decided against it but was definitely one of the weirder things I've seen on a fishing trip lol
  7. Port gawler fish spotting

    Went down to port gawler yesterday I managed 2 undersized bream and a st. but had a great day paddleing around in the yak and spotting a crazy amount of fish just none of them hungry. I would have seen hundreds of mullet, bream and about a half dozen mulloway against the bank. But also unfortunately spotted some toys of the adult variety sitting in the shallows only at or gawler I guess.
  8. Port gawler

    Does anyone know the rough depth of the river running out to the mouth ?
  9. Port gawler

    Yeah I was thinking that but I have a good alarm on the car and a good immobiliser. Plus a motor on the kayak and a insurance stick I should be able to make it back before they figure out how to get it started and take off. Plus it's insured so a new car wouldn't be all that bad 😜
  10. Port gawler

    Cheers snaps just got back from the tackle store and they were the first two soft plastics I grabbed I guess great minds think alike lol. I figured that the crabs would go well as me and my gramps would use small crabs as bait in the mangroves in the port when I was a kid and the bream loved them. I hope there's a few flathead. Also I've heard a few school mully get picked up there is this true?
  11. Port gawler

    Yep now I read it back it makes sense cheers mate I will defiantly try that sp on the weekend. Hopefully I won't lol be posting some pics on here come Saturday night
  12. Port gawler

    Cheers for that underpants will be down to the tackle shop tomorrow to stock up on lures might even try poppers for the yfw I haven't had a crack at that yet.
  13. Port gawler

    Hi guys heading out to port gawler this weekend in the kayak and have a few questions. Firstly does the mouth completely close at low tide. And secondly I'm flicking lures for bream but was wondering what other by catch the area holds like flat head, salmon or if it's worth taking a bait rod as well for whiting or what not cheers guys
  14. Hot water outlet

  15. Hot water outlet

    Hi guys just wondering if your allowed to take your kayak inside the netting at the Torrens islands hot water outlet