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  1. I don't think it would matter much. I agree with Luke, tuna oil will mask anything! I smoke, and still catch plenty of fish. So that's bollocks.BUT, i still wont put sunscreen on without using gloves.
  2. Some great shots. Love the first one.
  3. Always have a squid jig handy when fishing. You never know when one will show up.I fish a lot with unweighted half pilchards, and quite often a squid will grab it on the sink. A slow wind in with constant pressure will get it in close. Drop a jig down, pull out the pilchard, and bang one hooked squid. They get a taste of fish and will smash any jig you put in front of them.Sometimes one will follow a hooked fish up, and you can do the same.Also handy to have a teaser tommie under a float to help attract squid.Cook hot and fast with chilli, garlic, lime juice for a tasty meal.Great crumbed, battered, or just floured and fried.Very tasty if baked whole in tubes, stuffed with anything really.Yum
  4. SaltSnapperMullowaySalmonKingfishSouthern Bluefin TunaFlatheadMulletSnookTommiesGarMackerelBlue MowieChowPufferNannygaiSwallowtailLeatherjacketCowfishRed MulletBreamKG WhitingWeedy whitingYF WhitingTrevallyShort Finned PikeDoggieSkateStingrayBronzieHammerheadWobbegongSquidCuttlefishFreshCallopSilver PerchMurray CodEel-Tailed CatfishBrown TroutRainbow TroutRedfinCarp
  5. Fantastic videos mate.Have you got any footage of Wallaroo Jetty? There's some structure down there that i keep losing fish on, and would like to know what it is.Cheers.Sam
  6. Around size 2 J hooks.Both should work. A guy today was getting them on cockles.
  7. Hi Hallows. We were out there this morning. Son(11yrs) got his first snook(58cm), and some salmon trout. Snook on a flick bait soft plastic, and the ST on pilchard pieces.I normally fish half pilchards unweighted or with a small ball sinker. And flick soft plastics.Try to fish either side of the tide changes. Be careful cos the end rocks go under water on tides over 2m. Plenty of seaweed to contend with, but well worth it when you catch some crackers like we did last year.
  8. Yep, salmon trout.They have a size limit, 21cm and bag limit too, 20.
  9. Great livies, shark bait, snapper bait.If i take them home, they get smoked, filleted and fried in butter, or salted to use for bait.They go mushy when frozen, hence the salting.
  10. Normally from 2-3 or 4 days after the new moon in the mentioned months. Outgoing tide at night.I'll be out to get some again this year. Either landbased, boat, or kayak.
  11. I've always done well at Renmark for Callop, Silvers, and catties. Near Lock 5.Find the shrimp, and catch the fish.Fish structure/snags, and where the water eddies back on it's self.Good luck.
  12. Well done on your PB snapper.Good fish.
  13. Plenty good spots to fish there still. Squid, tommies, snapper, snook, whiting, flathead, crabs.Never to be open i heard again. But ya never know.
  14. Fished a Northern SAFWAA Dam this morning with the son.Ended up catching and releasing 11 Callop to 37cm, 4 Silver Perch to 37cm, and one small catfish.Beautiful morning out fishing, nice and warm little very little wind.