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  2. Marinade was definitely better so much more flavor. Will try a new recipe soon. Will post pics too.
  3. Got my dehydrator today. 1kg top side. Only used about 500grams filled 7 trays. Chilli cumin and salt flavor dry rub on 3 trays others ones a marinade of soy sauce black vinegar olive oil and assorted herbs and spices. Should have jerkey tomorrow morning.
  4. Thanks for that. Found 1 on ebay looks almost identical. Eurochef 7 trays 40bux delivered. Can't wait to try making some jerkey next week.
  5. Bjorn got a photo or model of the dehydrator? Looking online now I love jerkey about time I got one too.
  6. If cast nets were legal catching pillies would be a breeze.
  7. My first okuma was an epix 80 baitfeeder. Solid as smashed mullys snapper rays sharks with it. 7 years old and still going like new. Very underrated reels okumas.
  8. Actually, I quite like it. Good tommy reel for the jetty. I don't take it out in the boat though after my last Okuma Epix seized up solid. I like it too. I never even knew the salina 2 came in a 2500 size. I have the 3000 and 5000 salina 3s but they're overkill for my lake mullys. Hopefully i can find a 2500 salina 2 some 10lb braid and let the fun times begin.
  9. Consider selling the salina 2 baitfeeder?
  10. Just go on the mully mayhem fishing series page on fb more info on there.
  11. I think u just need to register on Saturday get ur angler number catch a mully and send in a pic of it on the brag mat with ur angler number. U can stop fishing at any time. But 2pm sunday is the cut off time for the comp.
  12. Check out june july edition of fishing sa magazine from last year
  13. Don't need holes, find where the baitfish are. Usually the well lit up areas such as bridges