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  1. Hi i'm doing an assignment for Uni where im making a fishing magazine however im struggling to find a high definition photo that i can use for the cover. If anyone has any good photos of you with a nice fish that you think would look good for a magazine, please post below or personally message me! None of this will be posted anywhere, simply for my uni assignment Thanks in advanced!!
  2. Yeah one of my mates has the 2000 Sedona and I really like it. Just wanted to see if there was anything else that could contend with it in regards to price and quality, but ill probably just end up going with this reel. Cheers
  3. Ended up going with this rod. For the price, it is exactly what i am looking for. Very lightweight, although i am yet to use it. Also looking to pair it up with a 1000 reel, possibly a sedona.
  4. Thanks everyone for the insightful responses. I ended up going with the shakespear slingshot. It is nice and sensitive and very very light 4 piece. Came with a case and ticks all the boxes. Would have loved to go with a savage gear, or a shimano raider but unfortunately they weren't in stock at the place I went. The gen black were just a little bit out of my pricerange, so thats why i didnt go for that. Also now that i bought a cheaper rod for only 80$, I have money now to spend on a 1000 reel to make this a proper light gear set up!
  5. Spin, and i was hoping for a rod that could fit in my backpack. So i guess 55 - 65cm or something?
  6. Looking to buy a new 4 peice travel rod, but i am having trouble finding a suitable one. I am looking for a 3 - 6 kg rod, 4 peice, and my budget is about $130. If anyone knows any rods that fit this description, let me know!
  7. Good stuff alex! Keep up the good work with your youtube! Looking forward to watching future content