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  1. Hi Pauly,I was referring to @ausea telling @Janz to "get off the drugs", which is just plain disrespectful.I understand your position re retaining the jetty as is, its a valid one.I note that you understand that it won't stay as is, because Mobil are obligated to remove it.Where we differ in opinion is that I don't believe losing the jetty would be equally as bad as opening it..If it is opened I see a whole range of benefits.Cheers,Dave
  2. No one is saying that you aren’t allowed to have a different view, especially when put respectfully which unfortunately seems beyond some..All that is being asked is that certain individuals with vested interests get with the times and realise that fishing in South Australia is moving forward. We are heading towards co-management of the recreational fishery, we will have an RFL in the coming years and we wont rest until things get better; until there are more opportunities for all anglers, until there is more money for compliance, better facilities for boat owners, better funding for rec fishing advocacy to hold the government to account and ensure funds are held in trust. None of this is revolutionary in the national context it already happens in other states!Not having started before, is not a good enough excuse to not start now! Forget about the individual; it’s about working on projects to benefit many people. Some might say lock up this area because I like the spill over, but it has to be for the right reasons, if the future of the area is in doubt; if the habitat will be removed - then what is there to protect? (The jetty will be gone and it will just be another stretch of coastline)There are more land based fishers than boaties so should we ban all boat fishing so that the spill over to land based areas improves? Of course not! We should work together to improve the opportunities for all recreational fishers! ......................................................................................................Most of the discussions around required work relate to bringing an industrial platform up to safety standards of a public use jetty. True - a report on the structure is required and the State Government have commissioned a report which they have not released yet.There is a lot of unfounded conjecture on here which quite frankly would make me laugh if it wasn't so hurtful to all those hopeful anglers who might think people know something new (when they actually don't).You would be hard pressed to find two more pragmatic guys than Shannon or myself. We have spent countless hours doing the research; writing to politicians, speaking with them in person, writing to and meeting with Exxon Mobil. We have researched the history and investigated possibilities for the future in terms of access, funding and like projects around this great country.We are well aware that there are many hurdles but we are determined to overcome them if at all possible; each player (corporate & government) holds their cards close so as to not make a mistake but YOU DON’T KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY!- For example everyone talks about the money required and the future funding, but to date the Government (and the opposition) have not actually asked Exxon Mobil for the money! (the difference of demolition) Here is Exxon Mobil’s Sam Potts on 26/7/13 ABC interview exchange with David Bevan:Bevan: Now to pull it down is going to probably to cost you a few million as well, so..Potts: AbsolutelyBevan: Yeah, so if you spend a few million pulling it down, or you could spend a few million getting it up to the standard where you could hand it over to the public Potts: YepBevan: Is it as simple as that?Potts: Well, it's potentially, you know, no one has actually asked us to offer money to the council or the state government to maintain the wharf, but we've always been open to discussions about the options..Listen to the interview here:http://blogs.abc.net.au/files/matt-and-dave-reloaded---early-edition-433.mp3I’ll be the first to admit it’s not all positive, but also no one says anything that I wouldn’t say if I was the one representing their position and that is the key thing.We acknowledge the difficulties, its not all plain sailing and if at some point it becomes impossible then we can walk away knowing we gave EVERYTHING to have a great outcome for Adelaide's recreational fishers and the broader community.I urge you all before you waste more time on unfounded conjecture visit our sites and see what the public already knows.. You can see all the work and all the details at http://www.savetheportstanvacjetty.com/news.html or onwww.facebook.com/savetheportstanvacjetty If everybody just gave up in the face of difficulty nothing great would ever happen.. Aim High.
  3. Gotta agree Janz -Its about providing access to fishers who dont have a boat, who want to take the kids to a local jetty to catch a fish or two.Its about saving a piece of infrastructure which can significantly value add to the area through recreation, industry and tourism.Its about listenting to the 1450 people on www.facebook.com/savetheportstanvacjetty who already have said they want it saved and opened to the public Its about listening to the 650 local households who have petitioned through their federal MP to have access to the jetty and beach for their community; to enjoy life, to teach their kids to fish, to spend an evening catching a feed of tommies or a couple of squid.I fish and walk the metro jetties a lot and the view that there are no fish there is mistaken. Its true people arent catching a heap of fish but kids, families, pensioners are there regularly taking part in the best pastime in the world -fishing!I see squid, tommies, garfish, yellow fin whiting, salmon, bream, mullet, snook, snapper, sharks and crabs being caught from these metro piers. Unfortunately many of the metro jetties have been severly shortened from their original lengh by storm damage over the years. The changed sand drift due to the boat ramp rockwalls and breakwalls being built has made Largs, Semaphore and Grange much shallower than they would naturally be.Urban stormwater, laden with nutireints have killed off the weed so that most metro jetties no longer reach the weedline. These are the main reasons that the quality of fishing is so bad. Kayakers and Boaties have no such problems getting a feed on the metro coast, but most fishers don't have a boat!People can say LEAVE IT ALONE, a valid opinion if put reasonably for sure, but that option is NOT CURRENTLY ON THE TABLE! -Why would the government let Mobil just walk away and leave the public with the clean up job when at present Mobil are obliged to either maintian or demolish the jetty???If you want the jetty saved but left closed to the public then dont waste your time on here, get out and fight for that outcome because if nothing changes then the JETTY WILL BE DEMOLISHED.Just for the record I dont live near Port Stanvac and I have plenty of fishing options personally, but I represent Metropolitan Recreational Fishers of Adelaide and they have spoken! We have consulted widely and a large number want the jetty saved (even this small poll has 70% support for saving and opening the jetty) -That ship has sailed, now we will do everything possible to see if the jetty can be saved or if it cannot.www.savetheportstanvacjetty.com
  4. Hi mate please take the time to read my above post...I think I have explained clearly that it is not currently on schedule to be left as it is... Mobil are REQUIRED TO REMOVE THE JETTY. It is not a Sanctuary Zone.
  5. I wouldn't sleep too easy there Pauly - At this stage unless nothing changes the Jetty will have to be removed as part of the remediation of the site.There are a lot of misconceptions about the waters around the Port Stanvac site, it is Not a Sanctuary it is an Exclusion Zone. This zone exists as a safety measure and has only been maintained (more accurately extended) because work continues on the wharf. This is why with the permission of the company certain people have been able to fish off of the platform in the past.The area faces difficulty to become a Marine Park Sanctuary Zone as it does not fit within an outer Marine Park Boundary and these are not up for review for 10 years anyhow. Possibly it could become a reserve (like Aldinga reef) but if the jetty is removed as per the current agreement then there will be little argument for conservation of a severely damaged area.Given the value of the land (it will be developed) and the proximity to metropolitan Adelaide (the community expects access to the beach) there are legitimate concerns about just allowing it to decay and fall apart. These concerns are shared by the Government (who are within their rights to ask Mobil to remove the Jetty before signing off on the lease) and by Mobil (who don't want the bad PR / responsibility down the track if something goes wrong) I agree with Des; about the confusing of issues; fisheries compliance or bag and size rules are completely different issues to this and they should be dealt with separately. In my view a Recreational Fishing License with fees held in trust to fund fishing education, greater access and opportunities for the average angler (jetties, reefs, fish stocking) as well as increased resources for compliance officers is the way forward.Cheers,Davewww.facebook.com/savetheportstanvacjettywww.savetheportstanvacjetty.com
  6. Hello Everyone, I am happy to report the progress on this campaign. Please see the update thread http://www.strikehook.com/forum/98-recfish-sa-formerly-sarfac/255160-the-campaign-to-save-the-port-stanvac-jetty-updateCheers,Dave
  7. I agree! If thats an offer of support then please direct all friends to www.facbook.com/savetheportstanvacjettyBasically at this stage we just need a show of numbers. When we get to 1000 the next step begins. The sooner the better as there is little time to waste. So please EVERYONE show your support and share this link around. There is a team WAITING to get to work on this; to take the next steps but we need support. After you 'like' the page you can sit back an leave it to us or write a letter to your local members or candidates. This is NOT IMPOSSIBLE.. but if everyone does nothing then it wont happen.WAKE UP SA FISHERS. ACT NOW. RIGHT NOW
  8. Hey keep the good ideas about possible managment options coming guys. Very interesting stuff!You know Im sure there is a lot of common ground amoungst fisher folk. Access restrictions, environmental concerns and fishery mannagment issues are close to all our hearts. I think it would be great if we could work together and support each others initiatives.This one is for the landbased fishers, the next issue could be one affecting mostly boaties.. Only together we have the numbers!Also if you have visited and "LIKED" the Facebook page be sure to share it or reccomend it to all of your friends, we have a great response so far but we really need to keep the momentum going!www.facebook.com/savetheportstanvacjettyThanks again,Dave.
  9. The next step on the road to Saving the Jetty is a show of support. This way we can demonstrate the numbers of people who want it maintained and opened to the public.If you are a supporter PLEASE VISITSave the Port Stanvac Jetty Facebook PageWE NEED YOUR SUPPORTA 'like' on this page is a sign to politicians - local, state and federal - that the community wants this structure retained and made accessible as an all-purpose facility. Put simply, without your support the Port Stanvac wharf will be demolished by ExxonMobilThanks folks!
  10. Hi Folks,Once again thankyou for your votes and comments.From these poll results so far:A MAJORITY Want the Jetty Open to Recreational Fishing!65% of you voted YESWell time waits for no man; -fisher or otherwise and we are in some respects playing catch up on this important issue.As part of the next step in our stratergy we have created the Save the Port Stanvac Jetty Facebook Page We now need a show of support so that we can demonstrate the numbers of people who support this and so we can take the next steps.Once again, thankyou for your votes and opinions.Regards,Dave
  11. Once again thanks to all who have voted and also to those who have commented!It is very interesting to hear what SA fishers think about this issue..One thing I would say is please dont sell yourselves short, Recreational anglers make up a HUGE sector of the community. We also contribute in a big way to the local economy, (think) tax revenue. Together this means that if there is a 'Majority' or 'Popular' view/demmand held by anglers then it IS POLITICALLY SIGNIFICANT and we do contribute to the economy sufficiantly to argue for our demmands to be met.. This idea is not about redirecting all government resources to angling, its far more realistic and is about claiming the recognition we deserve based upon our demographic and ecomonic significance.Im not here to discuss or lament the failings of South Australian anglers to organise in the past.. its just to sad, and we could fill pages.But there are people who help the causes of recreational fisheres and this can only be improved upon. What I am here to do is to try gauge a sense of the future we want as a group...Then we'll see where we go. . this is the first step, this poll WILL accomplish something - it will help shape the next step, its not something I'll be Hotlinking to Pollies offices, we must conduct ourselves in a smarter, more coherent and professional manner than that!I also MAKE NO APOLOGY - this is not the only forum we are asking this question to and forums will not be the only place we ask for peoples opinion. But I ask STRIKE & HOOK because its is a brilliant comminuty of South Australian fisher folk who deserve to be heard.Please keep your votes and opinions comming,Im off for a fish!regards,Dave
  12. Interesting comments..Thanks to ALL who have responded so far!Keep the responses coming.. I'm very interested to hear how local fishers feel about this. Im also interested to see if there is a difference in opinion along the lines of Boat fishers, compared with landbased fishers, arguably both are facing ever tigher restrictions on places they can fish all around the state.Some might say that there is plenty of good fishing close by, but is there really for the AVERAGE fisher and their family? In terms of easy access to decent water as you go south of Adelaide its, Brightion, Port Norlunga, Rapid Bay.Perhaps this is adequate? Perhaps we could do better?What do you think?
  13. Hi Folks long time no see. Im still around and still a keen fisho! These days I've committed to give a little more back to the pasttime I so much enjoy. Some of you might have seen my friend Shannon post this question on FSA. Either way the reason is that we need to see what fishers want. If you want the Jetty Retained as an all purpose Jetty including recreational fishing please have your say... Watch this space!..............................................................Forget the 'it will never happen' naysayers"IF" it were possible - would you want Port Stanvac Jetty open to recreational fishers as part of Mobil's remediation of the site?With the state election looming on 15 March; this is the best opportunity we've had in years to get a better deal from both major parties. We have not seen a definite ruling on the Stanvac matter.We all have a vote. That is something pollies and councillors understand.We don't live near Stanvac, but if this something recreational fishers want, We are ready to go to work on the issue.There are six MPs whose electorates span the Onkaparinga Council district (the largest potential user base):Bright – Chloe FoxKaurna – John HillMawson – Leon BignellFisher – Bob SuchHeyson – Isobel RedmondReynell – Gay ThompsonThe Council itself has approx 150,000 residents (read ratepayers). Surely it's time to show that the rec fishing sector actually cares about this and a whole other range of issues and will hold their representatives to account.If this is something we want we will create a website and Facebook page for people to show that they care about this issue. The purpose of the website/Facebook page will be to simply show numbers (I envisage A LOT).We will also contact the six MPs in the Onkaparinga Council area in writing, the Minister for Fisheries and the Council itself. I will also contact Mobil and the Federal Member for the area and find out the results of her previous website poll and post the results on this forum.So vote away. If you want it, we're ready to actually get the wheels rolling to actually do something with a show of strength (numbers)Cheers...............................................................................
  14. I normally catch and release these fish, but when I'm camping its a different story ;)Firstly I wouldnt bother eating a big one, they grow slow and become fatty, pluss they are the good breeders. 33-40cm is perfect.1. Gut but leave the fish whole, head on. 2. Skin the callop (very important). Lay fish on Aluminium foil.3. Chop 1 bunch continental parsley, thinly slice a lemon.4. Rub fish with some rock salt, and parsely5. Stuff remaining parsely and lemon slices into cavity, place a knob of butter inside or drissle some lemon juice & olive oil over the top.6. Wrap up in foil making sure to seal it well.7. Can cook slowly on the BBQ or even better on the campfire coals. If cooking on coals place the hot coals in a shallow hole and be sure to double wrap the fish in foil. DO NOT PUT FISH IN THE FIRE, it will be TOO HOT!Turn After 5 minutes, wait 5, unwrap and enjoy!!
  15. Tiger worms are the way to go for year round easy bait and are the only worms you can effectively farm. They are good for reddies and callop as well as whiting and even bream. Earth and Scrub worms are much, much, much, much better freshwater bait but you cannot easily farm them.Scrubbies must be dug from the hills and can be found near rocks and watercourses; they are temperature sensitive and impossible to farm.If you want to have earthworms on hand you can achieve this at home but it takes a little work...-The first thing to remember is recruitment must be natural and tigerworms must not be present in the area.-A section of yard is much better than a container for earth worms, as they are mobile and temperature sensitive-You must not feed them uncomposted material they will leave the area if you do, if they are trapped they will die.-To attract earthworms keep an area of soil moist at all times and cover with carpet.-Keep the area shaded.-Some nutrient in the form of decomposted cow manure may be added but only in very small ammounts, say twice a year.-A very small amount of grass clipping is okay, but only a handful-Turn the soil with a fork to loosen it occasionally-KEEP IT WETThat is all you can do but if you keep it going, over time big fat worms up to 15cm long will colonise the area. Never over harvest because it takes a long time for small worms to repopulate.This works for me and I always have earth worms when I need them, but as they are top draw bait I only use them when I NEED to.