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  1. Where's that? I'm not known for my knowledge of Adelaide outside the southern suburbs :(Better yet come along haha
  2. Unfortunately no 4wd. Thanks for the tip will check the campsites out now.Normally if starting a fire it's a very small one just enough to warm the hands coz I'm not a fan of wearing gloves while fishing
  3. my boat is still stuck in the future unfortunatelybummer about fires but not a deal breaker of course the fish are the important part haha
  4. Hey guys hows it going. Planning on doing a short overnight trip somewhere and I am fighting all the options on where to go. Was considering heading to waits and flicking for salmon and mulloway but part of me wants to head somewhere a bit further that I normally don't have time to do in a single day trip. Am also thinking of heading to Yorke's but don't really know the best places to try and go for them. Pretty much want to target Salmon and Mulloway exclusively.Does anyone know if there are any beachs on Yorke's where you can make a camp fire? Would be good for during the night time.Any suggestions?
  5. Bream really come into their own on a combination of light gear and lures. The bigger they get, the smarter they get and the harder they become to catch, so catching a decent sized bream on a lure is about the satisfaction of fooling the fish with your techniques.Not only that but they are big fighters for their size and when using light gear like is often required for lure work they will really test your outfits.
  6. Well when I can vote I'll be voting for the GRG in Shad and the Vibe in GAU
  7. I can't vote in either, keep getting told Invalid Token.
  8. Email sent!Great idea, I just know I'm going to be extra ultra nervous about getting the lure snagged now though haha.
  9. Jarvis Walker used to be good but now coz its the cheapy it isn't the best. I've managed to go through about 5 of those $30 combo rods and they all came to the same fate of the guides falling off or the tips snapping for almost no reason. I still use the broken rocks for squid and things (even if it's broken, if it works it works) but now use my Shimano if I'm actually targetting fish.
  10. Hey guys sorry to bring up an old thread but thought I'd let you know, a Mullet I caught in the onk has been successfully alive in a 50L tank sitting in my bedroom for almost 2 months now. He's happy and swimming, he even eats from my hand now and lets me pat him haha.The setup is just a good filter and an airstone and its been successful so far.
  11. i keep squid that small they make excellent bait. Squid don't have a size limit so its well within his and my rights to take them
  12. Sorry to bring up an oldish post but I think carp is a great bait. I'm always looking for cheap effective baits and I think I've hit the jackpot with carp. Sat in the cold for 4 hours last Thursday morning without so much as a bite using salted pilchards as bait, switched to carp and on the first cast landed a whiting, 2nd cast a leather jacket, 3rd cast a salmon trout and 4th cast a flathead. I was shocked and surprised, would've kept fishing cept I left my tacklebox at home and a big leather jacket that took the bait bit through the line. Went back down there later that night and managed to land another salmon trout. The day before I went down there with carp and landed a nice 45cm aus salmon, a leather jacket and a 33cm bream. Seems the fish love carp meat!