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  1. Amazing, but apparently they are seen from time to time by pro fishermen in our waters
  2. Aren't Yabbies a bit frowned upon in dams ? They make holes everywhere allowing more water to seep out
  3. Thanks, however I'm not sure I believe the benefits of a Graphite Rod outweigh the bad points from watching that....give me a robust rod under "all" situations any day, even "if" it means sacrificing a little casting distance and weight.
  4. hmmmmmm....nearly bought one of those rods, glad i didn't then
  5. lol.....just treat it gently, it is a nice flick stick in regards to spinning out lures etc
  6. Weight 5-8kg.....Lure weight10-30gram. Yes, maybe I lifted it incorrectly, nonetheless it seems bending strength is not a good point with these. I hardly even bent the rod in lifting, and other rods I have take a lot more punishment than that. As stated originally, I snapped the broken section in a few more places with not much more than simple finger and thumb pressure purely as a test....amazed how easily it was to break. 2 of my rods are of solid glass, I have had them for over 40 years and still as strong and supple as they were all those years ago....these ones can almost be bent into a circle unlike the broken Shimano in question. I also have 2 Len Butterworth hollow glass surf rods, both over 30 years old, still perfect after a lot of heavy bending. I mean fishing rods are meant to take abuse, or should be in my opinion, they are used in some very hostile situations, regions and conditions, shouldn't have to teat them like fine China. Conclusion...graphite may be strong and lightweight....but very brittle
  7. Not pleased !...bought 2 Shimano Travel Spin Rods a year or more ago, one 6 ft one 9 ft. The 9 footer I've only used a few times, seems OK, the other 6 ft Inshore Spin used maybe a dozen times. Despite little use and still looking like new the 6 footer snapped the other day about 1/3 down from the tip with very little pressure, just lifting it into the boat { not at the joins but midway between} I then lightly flexed the broken top section with only my finger tips as a test, and snapped the broken section 3 more times very easily. Surely no rod should be this weak in construction ?, it will certainly make me think about buying Shimano carbon fibre rods ever again, maybe even any carbon fibre ones. Cant help but wonder if carbon fibre may be light and have good cast action , but mine sure seem to be seem to be fragile. Bit like my very expensive Saltist Demon Blood, scratches very easily and doesn't not seem at all robust.
  8. Zebra Fish, see picture...very common, hundreds around Port Noarlunga jetty all year round and most reef areas, break walls etc not so good to eat, but often caught. Moonlighter, occassionally caught, but not a regular line biter. I've only eaten one the size of a dinner plate , very fine texture flesh but very nice
  9. Moonlighter, and they are nice eating
  10. The average person does not get to read this mumbo jumbo let alone understand it.....it seems that as with most government departments the only qualification needed to get a job is to be nothing more than a " Spin Doctor " On another note....are there any worthwhile crabs to be caught off the Noarlunga jetty ?
  11. Great way to eat fish !....fresh Mullet is extra nice this way as well
  12. Why do these bargains always seem to come up after I've already bought a new one ? Just goes to show the mark up retailers put on gear before sale price is marked
  13. Canon 650D With a Tamron 10-24mm lens my go to Landscape photography setup Tamron 10-24mm lens......nice lens
  14. Excellent timing mate, well done...what type of camera ?
  15. Can relate.....not inclined to fire up a smoker for a few suitable fish, maybe i need to concentrate on getting more Tommies...smoked Tommies and a icy beer = ambrosia