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  1. Looks like the weather was good on the day,,, well done to all the helpers.. Bjorn held himself back because of the old saying "too many cooks spoil the broth" cheers Adrian
  2. Had a reasonably good spin session just over a week ago chasing trout in the tannin stream again.. One of my better spin session for quite some time.. Wild windy weather has kept me home of late... hopefully I'll be back in a river in a day or so.. cheers Adrian
  3. Well done on the browns Hunter, nice cool conditions for the trout too.. cheers Adrian
  4. Thanks guys.. AR I'm hoping there are still a few left in me yet mate.. By checking my records for the same time last season the same little tannin streams fished exactly the same as they're fishing this season.. eg: last season 6/11/18.. 17 trout caught., Today 5/11/19.. 17 trout caught.. only difference was a day earlier & last year they were taken on a #00 Mepps Aglia Mouche Noire spinner. cheers Adrian
  5. Well I finally caught my 10.000th Tasmanian wild trout since we moved here back in March 2000.. it's a milestone I never gave a thought to until the start of this trout season when I was going through my end of season reports when I noticed I only needed 129 trout to reach 10,000 trout here in Tassie.. So yesterday and only needing another seven trout I reached it, actually caught & released fourteen all up.. cheers Adrian
  6. They've done well on several trips last season in the larger rivers such as the Meander, Mersey & Leven rivers, haven't been in the bigger rivers so far this season due to them still running too high.. they will be used on and off again this season too, I've had some success a few times with them.. cheers Adrian
  7. When they're on special.. picked some (10) Atomic Hardz shad 40 & 50 mid divers up some time ago @ $4-00 each in a clearance sale, Have bought a lot of them from different Australian tackle online stores when they have their clearance plus another 20-30% off them as well. cheers Adrian
  8. Oh Boy!! I feel I have way too many lures & a large variety of brands as well.. I'll let the photos tell the story... And these are just the ones I've taken photos of... only use them on the trout.. cheers Adrian
  9. Never used a soft plastic in all my years of trout fishing Tinker, haven't felt the need to.. My sponsor is very big with soft plastics too.. I stick to what I know best and what works for me..(95% of the trout caught have been on the Mepps spinners) going for my 10,000th trout this year since moving to Tassie back in March 2000.. Hope to reach that milestone by mid October if all goes to plan, needed 123 at the start of this trout season .. To date I've caught & released 26 trout.. only 97 to go.. cheers Adrian
  10. I reckon I am a bit older than you Mickyj,, I'm 73 years old mate.. cheers Adrian
  11. That's one beautiful size reddie & in great condition too.. I used to catch some large ones like that many years ago in the lower Torrens River in the Underdale area.. probably full of carp now days.. Finniss River used to hold some decent ones back then too... cheers Adrian
  12. This video clip is from the trip I reported on a few days ago, another beautiful stretch of water in a small tannin stream... cheers Adrian
  13. Hey Lofty I reckon you'd enjoy a stint in one of these small tannin streams to, wait until you see my next fishing adventure to a small tannin stream., from a couple of days ago before the weather turned crappy. cheers Adrian
  14. Thanks guys, I really do love fishing the smaller streams than the large rivers mainly because they're more scenic & very peaceful areas... Plus they're not fished as much as the large rivers & I'm lucky enough to have several land owners that have given me the okay to fish them.. The trout may be smaller than the trout in the bigger rivers but they're still a challenge to catch as they spook much easier that trout in the large rivers due to them being small & less water in them.. peatop as for swimming, don't worry I've taken a few dives in my days of trout fishing rivers & streams.. also drowned a few cameras too. cheers Adrian
  15. Here's a short video from a trip a few days ago to a small tannin stream on private property close to home.. It wasn't a long spin session, one that lasted just on an hour.. Still had a good time in the small stream catching a few wild browns.. cheers Adrian