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  1. mattmann1985

    Roof racks

    Yeah was a solid session. Every cast we were getting hit!! Doesn't happen often enough.
  2. mattmann1985

    Roof racks

    Hoping to get some guidance regarding roof racks, I have a swag that's too big to put in my car being that I have a Camry. I want something temporary to use for weekends away etc. What are people's thoughts on soft racks as a temporary solution? Off topic good salmon session on Saturday night Cheers
  3. mattmann1985


    This has got me motivated to go buy a pump tonight and catch some clickers this weekend at Pt Hughes then onto the YFW
  4. mattmann1985

    Who's been catching salmon this season?

    Been getting a few up to 1kg off the jetty over recent weeks. For me anything before the first steps has worked well. I tried Sat afternoon from about 3:30pm down the end of the jetty but only lasted an hour with the weather and didn't get a touch. I am finding that just before or just after low tide has been best for me. Cheers