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  1. Hi all, I'm a member of GGAF (Golden Grove Amateur Fishing) and last night we had our annual "tackle night". We had some guest speakers from RecfishSA and Spot On Salisbury. Thought I'd share some info I found useful/enlightening. Before I start, I'm just sharing this for informational purposes. I'm not affiliated with RecfishSA in any way. I know opinion is divided on what kind of a job RecfishSA do, but can we please leave that for another topic - I'm not looking to start a debate or any controversy. As I said, this is just some useful info and I'd share it no matter the source. First off we had Danny Simpson (executive officer of RecfishSA) show us the new RecfishSA website and focus a bit on their "Fishing Locations Map". So this is a relatively new tool to their website and has many overlays you can apply to a map of SA, such as jetty locations, boat ramp, some commonly known GPS marks, freshwater fishing locales etc. Some of this is of limited value to be honest. For example most of the jetties and boat ramps just have coordinates then a link to DPTI for any detailed information. What I thought was the most useful bit of info from this map was the River Murray Public Access Sites layer. Click this on and you can see all Unallocated Crown Land, National Parks, Public access areas and Reserves along the Murray. Really useful if you want to head to the Murray and do some off the grid camping and fishing. I think this is one of those tools that will have great value to some and limited to others - but either way its worth checking out https://recfishsa.org.au/fishing-maps. Danny also touched on the state of opening up more reservoirs for recreational fishing. Talks are still continuing with results expected - the impression I got was that progress, albeit slow progress, is being made and the success of the warren has been a good foothold. On the Warren, all species have been caught except for Cod at this stage. Hopefully they're still around fattening up. Also mentioned results of the size limit/watercraft for reservoir survey that was held recently. Nothings set in stone, but I got the impression that the proposal is likely to be similar size limits to the Murray, length limits might be slightly different. Cod will remain protected for at least 5 years and once they get big and fat that decision might be revisited. Silver Perch will be OK for taking as they are stocked and not protected in that environment. No boat limits for kayaks/canoes as these typically only have a 1-2 person capacity anyway. He mentioned they're hoping to have Kayaks and the like on the Warren this coming Summer - make of that what you will but I wont hold my breath that things will move quite so fast! Next we had Dr. Travis Howson. Travis holds a relatively new position at RecfishSA, that of Habitat Officer. He gave a short presentation focusing on how the Onk has changed over the years and steps that RecfishSA, in conjunction with local recreational fishers and OzFish Unlimited. OzFish Unlimited is kind of based off of a US organisation called Trout Unlimited. Its basic aim is to get recreational fishers to think about, care for and contribute to the upkeep and restoration of fishing habitats. For those interested, this is the presentation Travis gave - if nothing else, its cool to see how the Onk used to look. https://ozfish.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Fishers-Tackling-Fish-Habitat-Issues-in-the-Onkaparinga.pdf After RecfishSA finished up we had our annual speakers from SpotOn Salisbury Steve and Lyn Castle. Steve and Lyn taught us some knots and rigs useful for all sorts of fishing. it was surprising to me that what I would've thought were basic, essential knots were not common knowledge to most of the club. Huge thanks to Steve and Lyn for once again coming along and sharing their extensive knowledge. Was a great night, and I think on of the highlights on the clubs calendar. Cheers, RedReeler
  2. Well I didn't have too much luck. Ended up heading out on the OH breakwall. Glad I wore hiking boots, but still managed to twist my knee on the way back in... and not even a nibble to show for it. Then headed down to Tennyson casting in the gutters as they were filling up. Again nothing. I noticed the water was looking quite murky again both off the rocks and on the beach, presumably from that bit of a storm/rain we had last week, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it? That's fishing! Ended the day going across to westlakes and managed to hook up on a few small bream as soon as the bait hit the water. Nothing to break the 30cm mark for me just yet but I imagine that's just a matter of time. I had fun and learnt something, so it was still a successful day!
  3. Cheers Booma, might give that a shot instead of continually casting.
  4. I'll keep that in mind. Might end up trying in the gutters if there's no jetty action I think that's the issue I have with bream. I think the gear I use is fairly well matched to most of the species I listed ( except I'll have to use a heavier leader when i chase some toothy snook ); Rod - Shimano dynamix Bream 2-4kg Reel - Shimano cazna 2500 main line - fireline exceed 2kg/4.4lb leader - sunline siglon FC 2.8kg/6lb for chasing bream, terminal tackle I have tried; running sinker rig with KL1/0 circle hook and as small a ball sinker as possible depending on coniditons 2" and 2.5" zman grub in motor oil on a TT headlockz 1/16oz #2 jighead ecogear SX40 hardbody I haven't tried much bait - mostly tried lures. The two bream I have caught have been both with the running sinker rig listed above and mullet strips as bait.
  5. I'm north so sounds like I might have a decent enough plan!
  6. So I'm looking to tick a few off my list in the coming months and will be starting this weekend. My list is; - Bream, 30cm+ - Flathead - yfw - gar - snook I've tried for Bream a fair bit over recent months but after quite a few donuts and only 1 small bream at onkastompa, I'm looking to rebuild some confidence! I'm thinking Gar might be a good place to start as I hear the metro waters have finally cleared up (thanks dutchy). My plan is to head out to a metro jetty on an incoming tide and (as I've read the locals do) berley up and use a bottom rig with a small float to raise up the bait about 1m off the bottom. meanwhile, I can throw a squid jag around. If nothing happens, I could then head shallower and try a running sinker rig for some YFW. Any thoughts on if I'm on the right track? I'd honestly be happy just to catch SOMETHING after the poor luck I've had of late. Cheers, Red
  7. I joined Golden Grove Amateur Fishing club this year and they do a couple of trips a year. This year they did Elliston/locks well and Coobowie
  8. I'll be there. Haven't fished the Onk before but looking forward to it!
  9. RedReeler


    Rod, I rekon this is the tool he's using in that video for his hacked version. https://www.spotlightstores.com/sewing/knitting-crochet/needles-hooks/birch-plastic-handle-latch-hook/p/BP80122640 I do like the look of that knot assist tool, but as with the ezyknotter the price is a bit steep for me. I think I'll probably get myself set with an FG tied by hand before I went out and if I happen to need to replace a leader while in a less convenient location make do with something I can tie fast like a uni to uni.
  10. RedReeler


    Thanks for the information everyone. Tried a few FG knot techniques last night and had the most success and consistency using the method below. Its a really neat knot and I think it'll be my go to for braid to leader from now on. I think my general arsenal is going to be; - FG knot for braid to leader - leftys loop for lightweight lures - uni knot for jigheads, non-running sinkers, swivels, hooks etc - dropper loops to make attachment points on the main line - blood bight or sugeons loop on a length of leader material to attach hooks to the dropper loops
  11. RedReeler


    Thanks for the recommendations all. Looks like I might need to learn the FG knot! ShoreJigger, you don't find the extra solid ring has any effect on the presentation of the lure due to the added weight or anything? I've heard not to use a snap swivel for that reason
  12. RedReeler


    Hi all, Just wondering what knots you all use commonly in your fishing. At the moment i use uni knots for just about everything. Double uni for braid to fluro and uni on terminal tackle. That said, I've discovered something like a lefty's loop or rapala knot would be better for lures etc as it leaves a stable loop for the lure to have more natural action, rather than cinching down on the split ring like a uni knot. Any other awesome knots I should be adding to my arsenal? I'm land based 95% of the time and usually use light gear cheers RedReeler
  13. I'll be mainly fishing summer due to my wedding/honeymoom coming up soon but got a few id like to mark off; mainly firsts rather than specific sizes On lures: - Bream, any size - Flathead, any size - yfw on surface/poppers, any size - Callop on a HB (looking forward to trying out a stumpjumper next weekend) On anything; - gar (no idea how ive never caught one) - snook - trout (if i manage to find a spot) - redfin I guess theres on good thing to being newish to the game, plenty to go for!
  14. I'm right handed, and always used reels set up "aussie spec" until recently. I swapped and it only took a short time to get used to using my left hand to spin the handle. I feel i now have much more control, especially with working lures etc, and can get ready to set a hook on the drop easily without having to swap hands. But yes, WHY were they swapped over for the Australian market in the first place? Maybe they think we need to do things the opposite way in the southern hemisphere seeing as we're upside down?
  15. Cheers for the kind words everyone! Hoping to go for some metro bream next when time permits (getting married in 6 and a half weeks so that will likely take up a bit of time). Lofty: You're not wrong, there are definitely some large tommies out that way. We have one spot for them where we usually do very well on sweep as well, but it was a bit rough this weekend to get there.