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  1. would have to be my second favorite place on the yorks to fish the salmon at the mouth are everywhere just a magical spot to fish
  2. hahaha here iam looking for icons and the comps over lol
  3. literally lol I walked 15mtrs today
  4. don't worry I wont mention were your bakers dozen came from
  5. why not start with carp and go from there other then that when im having a bad run I'll drift up and down the fish factory and always come home with a bag or 2
  6. sorry doobs i was thinking of all the cheaper ingredients I never dreamed you would spend the big bucks on Parmsen cheese
  7. I'm guessing doobie dosent even remember all 7 ingredients
  8. bread crumbs curry powder bran mustard powder garlic powder tuna oil barley
  9. I stopped reading your posts from day one as i do most of them
  10. for crying out loud doobs keep the prize pack we just wanna know the recipe that helps you catch nothing