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  1. have a look in the background at how hard Bjorn was working
  2. would have to be my second favorite place on the yorks to fish the salmon at the mouth are everywhere just a magical spot to fish
  3. hahaha here iam looking for icons and the comps over lol
  4. literally lol I walked 15mtrs today
  5. don't worry I wont mention were your bakers dozen came from
  6. why not start with carp and go from there other then that when im having a bad run I'll drift up and down the fish factory and always come home with a bag or 2
  7. sorry doobs i was thinking of all the cheaper ingredients I never dreamed you would spend the big bucks on Parmsen cheese
  8. I'm guessing doobie dosent even remember all 7 ingredients
  9. bread crumbs curry powder bran mustard powder garlic powder tuna oil barley
  10. I stopped reading your posts from day one as i do most of them
  11. for crying out loud doobs keep the prize pack we just wanna know the recipe that helps you catch nothing
  12. bread crumbs curry tuna oil garlic semolina chilli lemon juice
  13. bread crumbs curry pellets tuna oil semolina paprika corn
  14. tuna oil bread crumbs / chook pellets Cat food corn curry powder Brand paprika
  15. I reckon doobie stooged us and just purchased a bag of burley and put it in a bucket
  16. Budget chicken pellets Ground burley or breadcrumbs Tuna oil Corn Paprika Semolina Curry powder
  17. Budget chicken pellets from (pet barn) Ground burley or breadcrumbs Tuna oil Paprika Corn Curry chilli powder