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    Photo Theft

    Looking at that instagram account I reckon I've had facebook friend requests from an account of the same name with the same portrait pics. Some scammers may have thrown this instagram together to make the fake fb profile look legitimate.
  2. That's great news mate, it's a beautiful spot there and I've been wanting to go there for a weekend since I got my yak but there's just so many places I want to fish.
  3. Hi Noz, My first thought would be Deep Creek, when I was young and land based this was my favourite place. One trip me and my girlfriend at the time got about 4 and a half dozen 50 to 60 cm salmon off the rocks in about two hours, great memories. @Brutus, hi, are they still having issues with tyres being spiked at Cape Elizabeth? It's a great place to fish there and a beautiful camping spot, it's a shame a small minority try and ruin it. Dave
  4. Hi guys, I had the day off work yesterday as I had an electrician at my house replacing the meter board and after he left I went down to Yamaha Pitmans Marine on Main North Road to see if they could help me with some alterations to my offshore life jacket. As my biggest fear when out on the water is losing contact with my yak, if this ever happens I want to make sure that I have my PLB and handheld VHF radio with me, what I wanted doing is some straps sewn on at about the collar bone to hold my marine radio on my left collar bone and my PLB on my right collar bone and for these alterations to be robust enough to handle the salt water environment and be strong enough that they don't break if the air-bag ever goes off. I was directed out the back to talk to the guy who makes/alters their canopies who kindly did the alterations and all he wanted in return was that I catch a 30kg SBT from my yak so I said I'd mention his great service online. A strap with velcro on the left to hold the PLB and a strap for the alligator clip of the handheld VHF on the right. All set to go, well when I go offshore I tend to wear my normal life jacket under this one as my normal life jacket is as much a utility belt to me as it's a life jacket so they'll sit a little higher. Dave
  5. Hi guys, I got my prize pack today... Thanks again to Alan (AKA Kidney Slapper) AA Mobile Mechanic and Bjorn, you even put in my favourite soft plastics colour, Nuclear Chicken, well done. The prawn sp looks great too, I can't wait to try it on some snappers. Dave
  6. Thanks guys, I'm stoked! And a special thanks to AA Mobile Mechanic AKA Alan (Kidney Slapper) for sponsoring the comp.
  7. I wanted to try tomorrow but looking at the tide I'll go Saturday morning. Good luck though
  8. Never let the truth get in the way of a beat-up I guess. I often wonder if main stream media think they have something to gain by scaring people into hiding in their homes?
  9. Not sure yet but as I have no snapper in my freezer and me feeling like I'm having snapper fishing withdrawal symptoms I'll be hoping to pick up a few over the break. Also if there's some still days I'll use them to hunt a kayak tuna off southern Fleurieu Peninsula. And maybe try again to lose my metre mully virginity.
  10. Hi Noz, I usually use a double clutch (garfish looking), 3 inch paddle-tail SP or ecogear SX48 and usually do alright. I don't lose many lures as I use a 30 pound flouro trace and use my net anyway to lift the fish out of the water if the lure is that far down it's gob that the line will rub on the teeth. Dave
  11. Cheers Bjorn, I reckon it'll be shoulder to shoulder, good luck guys. I might turn up to make a donation and have a snag, see where I decide to go fishing. Dave
  12. Hi Doobie, I'm thinking of having a go at this event as it's a great cause but I have a few questions. Is this comp land based only? What do you mean by fishing area, Perrys Bend? Does that mean I can't launch my kayak at Perrys Bend, catch up or down the river a bit then weigh in in time at Perrys Bend? Dave
  13. Hi Meppstas, Bratko has it right, bright jig for bright days and dark for dark. I carry 2 squid jags, a qantas (white with red head) for bright days and a black (the one in the 2nd photo) for overcast days, I'm thinking of introducing a third coloured jig for the days somewhere between sunny and cloudy. On the yak I need to always be minimizing the amount of tackle I take though. I'm not a squid nut though and I only really chase them to get some snapper/mulloway bait usually after the snapper hour is finished. Dave
  14. Killer Mullie mate, well done! I really want to catch one like that myself, during the snapper ban I'm going to be spending most of my fishing time soaking liveys in the Port, hopefully I'll pick up my first metre mully. Dave
  15. I like your thinking, but I'm curious to understand whether rec fisherman think they are part of the problem too? I mean, if rec fisherman are really really concerned about fish stocks and them being depleted, why dont they stop trying to catch fish too? I just take the simplistic view, that no matter whose taking the fish, and no matter how many you're taking, so long as you're taking them your not helping fish stocks either. Perhaps people see it differently than I do? I guess my point is that there's good merit in your suggestion, but if we really want fish stocks to recover and recover quickly then perhaps recs and the commercial guys should leave them alone? I think the recs are doing their bit with reduced bag limits but the pro's don't get to join the sacrifice, in fact with the latest changes to crabs the recs had reduced limits and the pros were allocated more.