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  1. nightscale2017

    Snaps / Clips vs Loop knots - Bream / Flathead / Whiting on lures

    i just use a jig head tyed with a knot and just change the plastic alot easier for me. PS. I find that using a loop or snap i lose the feeling of the plastic
  2. Leaders, i find it funny sometimes that people run a fc leader that has little stretch on braid which also has zero stretch ?:shrugs: (i do run a fc leader thats lighter than my mainline on my bream gear) and the leader i run on my spin surf rods is 20lb fluro as well but thats mainly run for abrasion been in sandy shity conditions, Ps I run a long leader thats at least twice the length of the rod, for knots from braid to leader i use nothing but an fg knot
  3. nightscale2017

    Tinny floor

    depending on were you are, i could works something out for ya
  4. nightscale2017

    Soft plastics users

    had some good luck with these got a 50cm mully on dusk with one down at pennys bend about a week ago, havent been since as i broke my new rod http://www.zerek-inv.com/product/origin-series/live-flash-minnow-wriggly-0
  5. nightscale2017

    Soft plastics users

    I havent had anything for last week on either the water melon or motor oil, have gotten a few mulloway and bream on shads though in the onka mainly very slow retieves with some stops every now and then