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  1. Thanks for the offer. I actually bought a 15ft Penn Prevail. Got it within budget too. Will do the job I think.
  2. Mulloway and Gummies. Dead baits either squid heads or whole fish (pillies, tommies etc.)
  3. Thanks. It seems a lot of common rods their cast weight at 200 grams. I worried that I need to use heavier weights to hold down there.
  4. In an ideal world, under $150.
  5. Yeah good rods but outside the budget I think.
  6. Thanks Yellow, I'll be slide baiting with grapnels.
  7. Hi all, Need some advice from some fellow fishers. I've just started fishing Goolwa beach and need a heavier surf Rod to chuck decent sinkers and baits that hold. I've got one combo that does the job, but want another so I can have two baits in the water. Both rods will be in holders, so just wondering what is heavy enough for that part of the coast? TIA, Wibbly
  8. wibbly

    Quantum Reels

    Thanks all. Seen a few online places selling them cheap, but want to get a hands on. Was looking at one to match my lure rod for salmon this year.
  9. Hi all, Anyone know of any stores in the metro area that stock quantum reels? TIA, Wibbly