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  1. snapperhead

    Big Angry Fush Skutes

    @ Softy...at the moment I think I will be using them deep they are more effective I think as they say they pick up most of their fish on the sink but I have some light weight ones as well so I intend to use them eventually in some of my shallow spots cheers snapps
  2. snapperhead

    Big Angry Fush Skutes

    So now I have an excuse to fish more because I am conducting research into the effectiveness of these new creations. Ive have them in 1/8 1/4 and 1/2oz sizes to cover different locations and tides I hope that my "GLIDES" work a treat cheers snapps
  3. snapperhead

    Big Angry Fush Skutes

    This is something that I hope will give me the edge next time on the tuna. They reckon the fish are shy and that they have seen everything..........Not these
  4. snapperhead

    Big Angry Fush Skutes

    Heres another version I reckon this one will smash the snapper as well in the water they really do pulse
  5. snapperhead

    Big Angry Fush Skutes

    Here's our pulsating fish
  6. snapperhead

    Big Angry Fush Skutes

    heres a squid pattern the snapper will love these
  7. snapperhead

    Big Angry Fush Skutes

    Hi I have always been an avid watcher of Big Angry Fish I really like the show, it has given a few ideas which I intend to try this year and see if the same techniques they use will work here in SA. I have taken the first step in one of those ideas and now have in my possession my versions of Nathan's famous skutes. I did not tie them but I have been bitten by the bug and already have some ideas on my own versions for different species and going to teach myself how to tie them it cant be that hard . I was fortunate to ask someone I have known for a while and here are what I picked up today Ive got to say that I am really happy with what he produced I am now dying to get out try........if this #@%^ing wind ever stops long enough to allow me to go where I want to go. I will be making a sacrifice tomorrow on the sabbath to the weather gods Here's the 10 I got today
  8. snapperhead

    Dicky Anti reverse

    Yeah I had heard that but surely the world doesnt have to suffer for the sake of a few carp crazy europeans Could you imagine doing it their way on say a tuna you would have to be able to wind backwards pretty quick cheers snapps
  9. snapperhead

    Dicky Anti reverse

    Its still a mystery to me why reels have them in the first place in over 50 years of fishing I have never used the anti reverse switch on a spinning reel. To me its a useless addition to a reel that adds weight and serves no purpose. Im sure someone out there has an explanation for why we have them cheers snapps
  10. snapperhead

    Photo Theft

    I had someone do the same to me on Breammaster some years back, he used pictures of my bream catches and even used one of mine for his avatar. I messaged him and had some fun asking him where he caught such great fish and the idiot messaged me back telling me all about his catches. I had some fun and let him dream on about the fish HE catches cheers snapps
  11. snapperhead

    2018 Footy Tipping Comp

    The womens comp starts tonight there is a drop down box where you can change the code, womens is the very last one and you need to scroll to get there. Do that and you can do the tips but you better hurry starts in a few hours time cheers snapps
  12. snapperhead

    Who is heading out tomorrow ?

    Just wondering how many are heading out tomorrow for a crack at getting a snapper for Christmas, I'll be out there trying, if you see the "TEAM SNAPPERHEAD" boat say hello there will be Strike Hookers on board cheers snapps
  13. Now I have got my new boat and suitable fishing gear I am hanging to get out and get me some Tuna Plus chase some Reds as well so if it all comes together be on the lookout for a smiling fisho cheers snapps
  14. Still waiting on a Mulloway sesh

    1. snapperhead


      Hi mate I havent been myself for ages, I havent done much fishing of late but I hoping this will change soon. If you feel like a whiting fish or something like that then let me know and we can do that. I am not currently working so Im free most days. Ive got a new boat and it needs to be used lol. I was thinking about going out tomorrow as the conditions seem about as good as they will be for a few days. I have been given some good marks out from Pt Hughes Im keen to try but I think I might just go out from St Kilda and head up north a bit if you want you are welcome to come along Im thinking about going after lunch to fish the incoming tide.



    2. lofty64


      Hi matey .

      Just got the message give me text on 0435161340 and I ring .


      I lost your number cheers

  15. snapperhead

    Port gawler

    Last time I fished there which was a few months ago I saw 5 flathead caught in a couple of hours so yes you can get them there. Mullet are also about as are the salmon trout at the mouth. Bream are there but not in the numbers they can be, but we still got a dozen or so. We have been using small crab pattern soft plastics successfully or the ever popular Zman motor oil grubs lately, you just have to get them in under the mangroves and in the structure. The mouth does dry up on a low tide but this weekend you might be able to get out and in ok. However I would stay in the creek as there are much better chances of getting a few in there than outside on the whiting Good luck I hope you get a few cheers snapps