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  1. Holy crap I hope that is a big one cause I wouldnt like to cross one say a metre long
  2. Bummer missing out on the Northbank there has been one fishing the same patch as me the past few weeks out wide on the tuna and I look on it with great envy it had a 300 yammie on the back and it was one hell of a nice fishing machine. I have returned the same time as him a couple of times and it was a quick boat in tough conditions and my boat is no slouch but I struggled to keep up with it and gave up trying Good luck with your search for your boat cheers snapps
  3. Check out the Aird X range 11 ball bearing and for the price ($104 - $118) are great value I have 2 @2500 1@3000 and 1@4000 of these reels and love em. The 4000 has caught tuna no issues the 3000 snapper and mulloway up to around the metre size and the 2500's are my whiting, bream reels. I also have 3 BG's a 4000, 4500, and a 5000 which are on my heavier tuna outfits and all of them have caught tuna up to 33kg and Ive found them faultless. I got the 5000 for $95 delivered from USA I got lucky one day looking at amazon and couldnt believe the price so I bought it and havent looked back since buying the others locally because I think for the money again you cant go past them. Why buy a Saltist which is more than twice the price when you are basically getting the same reel in a BG Now I own some higher end reels but hate spending money when I dont have too so thats why these 2 models have turned my crank, I cant see the point of spending big bucks when you can get great smooth well made reels for more than half the price. Now I admit Im a Daiwa man but I also know that Shimano make great reels too its just a holden/ford thing once you love one brand you tend to stick to it but whatever brand you buy dont be fooled into thinking you have to spend mega bucks to get get a reel that works well and does the job with no issues, isnt that really what we all want. cheers snapps
  4. @ Softy...at the moment I think I will be using them deep they are more effective I think as they say they pick up most of their fish on the sink but I have some light weight ones as well so I intend to use them eventually in some of my shallow spots cheers snapps
  5. So now I have an excuse to fish more because I am conducting research into the effectiveness of these new creations. Ive have them in 1/8 1/4 and 1/2oz sizes to cover different locations and tides I hope that my "GLIDES" work a treat cheers snapps
  6. This is something that I hope will give me the edge next time on the tuna. They reckon the fish are shy and that they have seen everything..........Not these
  7. Heres another version I reckon this one will smash the snapper as well in the water they really do pulse
  8. heres a squid pattern the snapper will love these
  9. Hi I have always been an avid watcher of Big Angry Fish I really like the show, it has given a few ideas which I intend to try this year and see if the same techniques they use will work here in SA. I have taken the first step in one of those ideas and now have in my possession my versions of Nathan's famous skutes. I did not tie them but I have been bitten by the bug and already have some ideas on my own versions for different species and going to teach myself how to tie them it cant be that hard . I was fortunate to ask someone I have known for a while and here are what I picked up today Ive got to say that I am really happy with what he produced I am now dying to get out try........if this #@%^ing wind ever stops long enough to allow me to go where I want to go. I will be making a sacrifice tomorrow on the sabbath to the weather gods Here's the 10 I got today
  10. Yeah I had heard that but surely the world doesnt have to suffer for the sake of a few carp crazy europeans Could you imagine doing it their way on say a tuna you would have to be able to wind backwards pretty quick cheers snapps