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  1. kelp

    Breeding maggots without meat

    The gents should show signs at the top of the sand when they are ready, the time factor is the temperature in warm weather 4 or 5 days in colder weather can take as long as a week or more, wait for the wriggle marks on the sand, try to keep them in a warm area, I keep mine in the tool shed it keeps wind off of them an the iron shed warms up quickly when the sun rises. in very hot weather the shed can be too hot therefore look for a cooler spot.
  2. kelp

    Breeding maggots without meat

    a good method to breed maggots to eliminate the smell is after the blow wrap the blown fish or meat in 5 or six layers of news paper place in the bottom of a bucket then fill the bucket with clean dry beach sand, when you see wriggle tracks on the top of the sand it is time to sieve the sand you will have clean white maggots , I the pour boiling water over the left over news paper to kill any remaining maggots then bury it deep in the garden makes good fertiliser
  3. kelp

    Catching Mullet info wanted

    mullet are very good eating fish if processed properly, I scale an fillet my mullet within 1 or 2 hrs, when at the beach I keep my fish in a canvas bag attached to my rod holder with a small amount of salt water in the bag it work like a water bag this stops the fish from bruising I also kill the fish by bending back the head , when filleting if you like a milder flavour skin the fillets also if you cryavac the fillets skinning them makes a big difference for long term keeping. my pet hate is to see fishos chucking live fish into a empty bucket to thrash about an die or through the on the sand