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  1. Absolutely. My other love is playing guitar and recently went on the market to purchase a new one, only to find that the majority of instruments I wanted to try were unavailable. Two reasons came up consistently, firstly global supply was affected due to Covid related shutdowns, and demand was up with folk in isolation spending their covid payments on hobbies to engage in. So basically demand went up, and supply went down. I use tru-turn hooks for certain fishing applications, and cannot source these local so get them sent down from interstate, even some of these have been hard to source lately. Finally with my affinity for the Alvey brand I know that they have been selling so much recently that they are struggling to keep supply to dealers, to the point where there has even been delays releasing new products.
  2. These were fairly small, so I kept a batch for squid bait. Then again a week or two ago at Waits I saw a whole tommy around 20cm cut from the gut of a 53cm salmon caught on a pilly piece. It was fresh enough to eat. Might make up some gang hooks and use them whole for salmon. Have never fished the southern metro beaches, so pending next weeks strikehook report, hope to hit Southport or Maslins/Sullivans etc with them.
  3. Hi Doobie, sorry I'm a bit late for the party. I buy the long life gents too, and have found them to be fantastic. I keep them in the fridge set at 4 degrees, and they have lasted for several months. When fishing I'll often leave them out of the esky yet have had no issues with the ones bought from a local tackle shop. The only time I have had them go bad was from a BCF store purchase, and I suspect the product was old as the substrate was dryish. Recently I've started "flavouring" maggots with tuna oil and other stuff, I use a separate container so as not to contaminate all of them. The one's I purchase are Sheldon's brand, won't even bother trying any others. Recently my son and I caught 68 tommies in a 90 minute session, using 3 maggots to a hook and catching up to 5 fish between rebaiting.
  4. Have a look at their current range. Alvey nowadays offer graphite and vented reels that have significantly reduced weight.
  5. Have a couple of shimano reels that have been sprayed a few times without too much drama. I do believe however that warranties are voided by Shimano if salt or sand does get inside the reel. Have also heard of a claim being voided because the owner had previously opened up the reel for a clean, Shimano apparently expect that only authorised repairers are to open them up. I do have a finn-nor rampage 2000 reel that went for a swim for about a minute when it fell out of my crab tub at Thompsons last year, and the sealing has held (I'm a little slow even when in a hurry). I just removed the spool, gave it a wash down then sprayed a lanolin based lube/dispersant called Reel Deal by Pirtek onto it.4ff If you're concerned about a reel being subject to salt/sand exposure when wading for mullet/gar etc. then have you considered an Alvey sidecast estuary/light beach set up?? These reels are simple and tough as nails. They can handle salt water dunkings, sand infiltration, have few moving parts, cast a country mile with great accuracy, and will often outlive their owner. Super simple to maintain as well, and warranties will not be voided for exposure to salt and sand. They are my go to bait fishing outfits, and range in sizes suited to anything from garfish to kingfish, shitties to sharks. The 1 to 1 retrieve ratio is a little slow compared to a spin reel, but that ratio also provides a winch power that cannot be matched. The 2 main issues are line twist, easily rectified by having a small swivel attached to the mainline, and people not familiar with them using incorrectly matched rods.
  6. Mate I have both Alvey bags and scaling bags, my go to is the deluxe version. Set up with ruler, worming pliers, hook disgorger and knife. Thermos, energy drink or cheeki water bottle in the can holder. Just love it. My boy uses the standard one. Also I have the mother of mid-sections and if anything it gives the bag something to rest against !! To maintain just give it an occasional hose out. I often use an Alvey belt with a bait container and rod bucket attached, the bait container can also be used to store lures. In the front pouch of the bag I keep a small waterproof container for tackle, and obviously any fish go in the main pouch, and I also keep wallet/phone/keys, etc. in waterproof bags in the main pouch as well. Alvey do sell a dry pack for this purpose that can be attached to the belt: https://alvey.com.au/products/dry_pack/ If you look at my profile pic the yellow strap is visible there, I was flicking the flats for whiting on that day, took home a good feed too. Where I'm from this is actually quite a standard beach fishing set up. Here's a pic of the Alvey bait belt with rod bucket and a bait container, note that particular bait container has a bit sticking out with holes that lures can hang off (yes the crab was returned for all you sticklers):