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  1. Pretty cool. Youd hope thats salt water
  2. Plenty down the bottom end.
  3. Ive never noticed it either. Could it be bruising from the bottom when there thrashing in shallow water. Or something similar.
  4. Beaut colours on this guy A midge hatch around lunch time, must of been why they where so active today
  5. shout out to @AquaticResearch1 for the motivation from his previous post. Went up to the hills this morning to find plenty of small trout about.
  6. Lost my job on monday. Lost my beautiful dog Thursday. Just 7 years old. Donut at Balgowan today. - ruff week.
  7. I do a locked blood knot to locked blood knot, super easy, fast. Probly not the strongest. Works for me. Double uni on my fly gear. Il only do a fg on my big rods ( 80lb braid ) when throwing lures.
  8. I always take a banana !
  9. Same, i called in to grab some hard bodys and take advantage of the 20% off h.b. once i got home and checked receipt there was no discount given. Not that it really bothers me. But i should have checked whilst there.
  10. Beautiful fish, incredible how deep its so close to shore.
  11. Amazing country side. Thanks Mepps
  12. Hi wurt, no snakes spotted. But it was a cold day. Funny you say that i was only telling a mate the day after how many snakes i spot summer time in the hills. - leaping off banks. Defently keeps you on your toes. Walking around the light river in padocks is worse. The browns are huge! A decent pair of waders is a must for me.
  13. Tried a tiny stream around the Lobey area this morning. The wheather was pretty average. only 11 degrees in the hills, wasn't expecting much activity. A bow n arrow cast into a murky twig infected hole and this juvenile could not resist. simple grub i tied years ago. Spotted this guy high on a bank, snuck behind him and made a short cast Trecked a few km's, with hardly any sightings.. Overall a quiet morning. When i arrived back in the Barossa it was 18 degrees and the sun was shining..
  14. Theres no way to prove it.. I wouldn't worry about it.
  15. Look for clean flowing water, that's permanently running. Search for fish. Take your time. Wade tight creeks. Put in the leg work. Youl find them! The journey is half the fun. Learn how to bow and arrow cast.
  16. Thats a silly question I know what id be doin
  17. Rileys shallow reef, good for squid, snapper maybe gar by novemeber. For the Reds- If its blowing an Easterly, balloon off with long trace, will save you loosing alot of rigs on the bottom. The snapper ban may be in place by then tho.