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  1. 17 hours ago, Wert said:

    Very nice couple of small stream trout on fly, I'd rate that as better than your regular bag out's in the boat, either way you are a fish catching machine. Just wondering if you noticed any snakes out? I'm usually done with trout in the hills by this time of year due to the bastard poison bitey murder sticks but with the cooler weather we've had was thinking of giving it one more go this weekend.

    Hi wurt, no snakes spotted. But it was a cold day. Funny you say that i was only telling a mate the day after how many snakes i spot summer time in the hills. - leaping off banks. Defently keeps you on your toes.  Walking around the light river in padocks is worse. The browns are huge!

    A decent pair of waders is a must for me. 

  2. Tried a tiny stream around the Lobey area this morning. The wheather was pretty average. only 11 degrees in the hills, wasn't expecting much activity.

    A bow n arrow cast into a murky twig infected hole and this juvenile could not resist. 20191112_103801.jpg.736c710ef36313a2a1ac250d35a0921c.jpg

    20191112_104121.jpg.d30a2934a48b0699966225602705c07b.jpgsimple grub i tied years ago.

    Spotted this guy high on a bank, snuck behind him and made a short cast 20191112_113110.jpg.647ca309ce0ab930eb3bda79daf6c739.jpg

    Trecked a few km's, with hardly any sightings.. Overall a quiet morning. When i arrived back in the Barossa it was 18 degrees and the sun was shining..