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  1. Hunter69

    Goolwa Cockles

    Wouldnt mind getting down there soon for a session. Geez there expensive atm
  2. Cant wait to get a feed of crabs soon. Goodluck.
  3. I assumed it was braid to mono. Yes why bother!
  4. I use it for fly fishing leaders/ bream whitting. Not the strongest leader knot but fast and effective
  5. Double uni ? If that slips, locked blood to locked blood. Id only use fg if using thick line. To prevent bulky knots rubbing rod guides and effecting my casting.
  6. Its more of a general wash rather then removing stains. Thanks
  7. After having some heavy squid sessions on my new boat, the carpet has become dirty from ink and mud. How do you clean yours? I dont have a pressure cleaner.
  8. Good job, i thought it was on the full moons during the winter months. ? Theres some fat worms there..
  9. Any idea when they will become available
  10. Nice, 1 for the boat 1 for the car. Thanks bj
  11. Crystal clear water. Do you use fly often ?
  12. Also that amount of marinate would probly be good for 500g of protein. Really coat your sliced meat for the dry process.
  13. Hi doobie, i work at 1918 in Tanunda. I dont own the place. Cheers
  14. Hi an old post, but i thought id upload a recipe from my resturant thats works very well. We use off cuts of beef fillet. Marinate over night and dry at 60 degrees over night. Give it a go! Sometimes we will smoke it in red gum for 30 min just to taint the meat a lil.
  15. G'day Rybak. Il be launching from middle beach. When the tides are right. About 15k you rekon. Will require some decent wheather then. Thanks for that.
  16. Hunter69


    Hi ive been looking at a new smoker. At work we use one of the large rectangular two door smokers. Ive seen in bcf the have a banjo off set smoker. Looks like a bbq with a little burning box set off to the side. Has anyone tried the banjo or compared the two.? The large rectangular upright style seems it would fit more. Thanks Hunter.
  17. Thanks fresh feed appreciate your help, i i will have a good mate with me. Next time im flyin solo il hit you up ! Cheers
  18. Hi rybak, So i can go fishing mate. Whats the problem
  19. Ok thanks for that. Whats the boat ramp like safety wise to leave the car there over night ?
  20. Heading down to goolwa in few weeks for my new boats first run. Will be launching at beacon 19 boat ramp. Looking for a camping spot close by. I dont have a 4wd so the beach is a no go. Is camping permited along beacon 19 rd? Or anywhere close by ? Thanks Hunter
  21. Thanks doobie, on a tied mini wooly bugger with some blue flash