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  1. Without Doubt The Superior Bait.... so reliable... they are also one of the best fish to bbq... i personally enjoy them, there awesome on the bbq.. bleed as you would salmon, there a breeze to gut/fillet.. there pref to bake or bbq.. 99% of the time when im at beatrice islets 1 & 2, right through to late night rapid bay, trying to hit them massive gar & oversized tommies, soon as the slimys pick up the trail, they will bully other species next to nothing else has a chance at your baits mentality of small tuna, you can bag buckets in no time... common 35-55cm they will get a lot larger, the bigger slimys tend to roll closely with chubb mackeral (school together with larger slimys) they are so much fun on ultra light gear, you only need garfish/tommy setups they love gents packed on,peeled prawns to cockle eyes/& they will take snook lures, & small 20grm or so live poddy mullet... my largest slimy recently was in the 1.1kg area, half dozen decent sized with a few beers bbq and salad to easy to achieve.. as bait there no1 broad spectrum regardless live or cubed. red mullet are also never to far from slimys... there a spectacular feed
  2. You can get top quality gear for a lot less & more fruitful, however maybe reduce $100, go with it, I highly recommend to go shopping around the cash converters,hok shops ect, you will always find blanks / rods lots of decent rescues ... 10 rods for $100 some have decent reals, then once you got your pref rods, pair to reliable reels or simply only purchase reels and outsource rods.. Its how u grow a collection and get rods reels for all occasions I made and repaired rods for years at got one and dennys without fancy brands some older makes are superior its what works best for you that matters. But op shopping to custom your range cheaper logical and end of the day you will find ugly sticks for $20 I got a penn overhead for $15 spooled 800 mtrs new 40 pound .. Half-hour later I was enjoying smooth rays on a BBQ.... Don't be impulsive be collective. :) tight lines.
  3. Spoke to my boss regards the parking concern, safest points for moral concern, 4,5 mins down the road, 2 entry points in front of aquacaf/ and in front of the aquatic center, both entry's close to one another, via BARRAGE rd. Connecting to the beacon 19 rd, both entry's are fully built up and public present areas, less of the rural concern eyes everywhere, with public built up parking/launch areas.. Only a couple mins away...ones a drop n slide launch and the other is a controlled baylet . ... Google earth is priceless.....TIGHT LINES Buddy.
  4. For anyfreedivers silversands/gull rock 8ft-15ft rugger snapper/nannagai/giant sweep and decent grunters/blackspot trevally stay in the potch, in the deeper weed beds you will 100% tag giant weedy whiting (winter wrasse) 

    Don't forget the candyflesh razor fish in abundance. 

    Blanchtown lock2 camp grounds under the toll bridge 

    Murray cod 1 out of 15 casts average. 

    Giant & great numbers Silver perch/golden perch to 3.5kg (most suitable clickers/tiger worms packed on drift unweighted with a bell, or lightly weighted swivel and trace/or split shot to cast) 

    Reasonable weather protection. 11:30pm -6am for freshwater game/keepers soon as suns up shift change and carp get active. 


    All discriminators get your dive gear out and hit the channel's and gutters along the metro coasts.. Metal detecting hit the beach during before and after big storm fronts freshly carved and turnt Beach's will expose heavy pockets to hit for discrimination.

  5. https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/parks/booking#Coorong National Park (camping links/info/booking for boat access only camp grounds direct from beacon 19) beacon 19 is a √ safe option unless your anchored inshore -these links your best info. There's several allowances free with advance free booking/notice to tile owners & cheap options.. However given conditions dual shelterd area.. Depending on ya boat, inshore or anchored side of a channel maybe up to consider... Read up on it before you go... If ya going solo? I'm happy to tag along if ya cool.
  6. FreshFeedNSport


    Awesome, a lace monitor at Thompson beach stole one of my yfw last Feb, & I got surrounded by possums at blanchtown lock2 3 weeks ago while getting a few cod & cleaning up on very large silver/golden perch up to 3.5kg the lil buggers made of with a tub of tiger worms... As cute or agitating as they may be at times always pleasent befriending the locals.... Never met a fox yet.. I've had penguins beach in front of me and hang around inspecting me though fair cool makes gutting a breeze when your offal's put to good use. Well done my brother.