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  1. Great stuff dude.. Hopefully the start of something awesome!
  2. Softy

    Surface lure ?

    Never used one of those but they look similar to one of the Berkley 3B surface lures and caught a few fish on them.
  3. You should do a trip over here dude to have a fishing session once the bans are over. Could be some good times! Just leave the circular saw at home lol
  4. I hang my reels off the rod they go with.
  5. Never really had any issues when i use my fingers to open/close them.. Now and then i don't have enough nails to do it and have it use pliers and they mangle them a bit.
  6. I know people hate clips... But Decoy 0 or 00 with a locked blood knot.. Never let me down!
  7. When i got my 56cm i spent more time trying to get it in the net then actually fighting it.
  8. Nice work.. some great condition fish there! They don't have a whole lot of fight but I've really taken to chasing the Golden's lately. I'm having withdraws already now they have shut the Warren Reservoir
  9. Nice work Allroy! got a 3 good Callop out of there when it first opened to Kayaks. Unfortunately it's been getting hit pretty hard.
  10. I use the Mustad Fastach clip for my Fresh water fishing using bigger lures chasing Cod and Callop and reckon they are fantastic. (Size 3 75lb/41kg) Never considered using them in a smaller size for chasing Bream etc. I like the Decoy 00 for light work they are thin and light weight, i've never had issues with them opening up. Caught most of my PB's using them.
  11. Going to follow on from this as Kelvin is someone in the know and i'm listening to what he preaches! So how is everyone going with it all? Do you still have a job? how is your health? how is your family going now? Did you need to line up for hours at Centerlink? Let it off your chest, it's better in out then in!
  12. I think i'll stick to the FG for now, seems i only just mastered that one.
  13. Geeze i was well off. Still looks awesome. Surprised the Cruiser made it that far
  14. Thinking Almonta or Golden Island?
  15. Shame the LandCruiser had to ruin the pics. [emoji6][emoji23] Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  16. It's amazing how many slightly different ways people have come up with to accomplish the same knot! Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  17. When I was up the river on the weekend I got one of the guys tie a FG on one of my rods while I watched. Being able to see it first hand makes a difference. Just tried it myself and it actually bloody worked first go. Probably not perfect but I'll see how it goes! 15lb braid I think to 20lb mono. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  18. That looks like a fairly easy way to do it... With some of the fish that tank cranks in it must hold up alright.
  19. Cheers for the video dude might give that way a go. Little bit different to what i've been watching. The knot in the braid for holding it in your mouth is a good trick.
  20. Just had a go but seems my teeth ain't good enough to hold the braid for long periods, so will have to scrap that idea. Not going to waste money on a tool, I'll just stick with what i know and inspect the knot from time to time and retie if needed.
  21. Might have a go at the FG Knot after. It is mainly to use on my bait caster set up for Callop/cod if i ever get one. I found my current knot takes a bit of a beating due to the weight/size of the lures/spinners i throw. I actually had one undo last weekend after a million casts and of course i had a spinner bait on so it sunk, if it was a lure i would have floated and i could have got it back. It's not so bad on my Bream set up as they gear i throw is much lighter.
  22. I do 99% of my fishing from the kayak.. how would i go with that tool?
  23. Hey all, So what leader knots are you using? I thought mine was an Improved Albright but after some reading into it, it is the Alberto Knot. While i've not really had any issues with knot strength, having the leader tag end pointing forwards thru the guides really chits me. So what are you using? Quick pic of one I just tied. 8lb fluro to 15lb braid.
  24. I've heard of people doing that trick with an old pc type fan and works a treat! You might need a bigger model if you keep catching fish that big.