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    Tell me about it, i have brought a shit load in the last few weeks
  2. bigfish wrote: Trumperters mate.Ahhh cheers, slowly catching up with Saltwater lingo
  3. Excuse n00b but wtf are Shitties?
  4. WOW that is a lot worse then i thought it was up there.
  5. Stupid auto imbedding.. add a "w" to the start and paste it into your browser.ww.youtube.com/watch?v=UEp1JiLWoQk
  6. Hahaha go Merv, that is pretty cool.
  7. Back in the days when i use to fish fresh water, we use to use tiger worms 95% of the time.
  8. I'll take it if it's cheap.
  9. Mate of mine sent me pics the other week of a GWS harassing his brother over summer...He was spewing because the shark started chewing on his new motor
  10. rocknev wrote: ehat car forums you on? check out AUSTRALIANCORVETTES.COM for the best one you will find...BOGAN ALERT!!!!! Main ones I use are nissansilvia.com and secretdrift.com
  11. Bit of a over reaction...You think your bad one of the car forums i am on you should see the low ball action, people offering half the price of a 10k car and continually sending PM's to the owner breaking there balls!!
  12. fullysikwog wrote: Reading that, made my head hurt...
  13. We had a good laugh with him pulling in KG on that set up, once the snapper stopped biting we got out out small rods and had fun with big KG and a few small snapper etc.
  14. Was only about 2kg, real salmon put up a good fight compared to a salmon trout haha.Have fun walking on the sand at browns.. my legs are still hurting from it....
  15. Kayakfisher that was from a boat about 20mins from the ramp.Brenton i always look like a retard in pics haha.. i had a huge grin on my face once i got it into the boat!!!
  16. Went to Edithburgh with a couple of mates on the weekend. Caught my first Snapper. one of the guys that come got to break his virginity catching 50+cm whiting using a snapper rig with pilchards He didn't get any snapper tho. Saturday night went down to Browns beach and caught a few salmon off the beach (also my first real salmon) All in all it was a pretty good weekend. Pic of the snapper i got below.
  17. They are missing a few screws.. "i must have dropped the bait on there head pretty much"Sounds really sane. LOL
  18. Nice effort mate, one day ill catch a shark!!
  19. Just noticed this on news.com, unsure if it has been covered before but some people may find it of interest.http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,27574,25709868-2682,00.html
  20. She can hold my rod...... haha
  21. Well in Melbourne if you have a cold/flu some people also refer that to having "the wog"
  22. Just got back from a weekend at Coffin Bay, catching Salmon Trout and tommys. IMO they are 2 completely different fish!