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  1. Great read.. 1 karma also coming your way!
  2. .22 and a scope....Problem solved.
  3. Hair of the dog.... you will be right
  4. Softy

    Rig Tangle

    Ahhhh i am with you now Never heard about anyone beating squid before.
  5. Softy

    Abu repairs?

    Drop Waterboy a PM he might be able to help.
  6. Softy

    Rig Tangle

    1cm loop? :S How do you even get loop threw the eye and over the hook??And more info on "beating squid"
  7. Softy

    Rig Tangle

    I use the dropper loop also and hardly ever have any issue with tangles.. only time i really get tangles is if i have the rig off my rod and in my bag.. tho gotta expect that i guess.
  8. Pics or it didn't happen :silly:
  9. You just keep catching them little carp, mate.
  10. Some great fish there.P.S. i am going to take out the carp trophy this summer :silly:
  11. Softy

    Fish ID

    Looks like a [img/] fish, Tho i am yet to catch one myself... :silly:
  12. Del and i went to Wallaroo on the weekend, only thing to be landed into the yaks was blue crabs.
  13. Time window on the Friday to be in the comp?
  14. That is like sounder meets google maps and a laptop!!
  15. Have some pics, but the forum is being stupid!
  16. Weather is perfect at the moment to go drop a line in
  17. You would trust a females directions???? :silly:
  18. Bit of both. Host is bloody annoying.
  19. It was the final show for the year today.... So you wont have to suffer threw it again.
  20. *Subscribes to thread*Brb getting Popcorn.
  21. Salt draws moister out so yes, 99.9% it will work on any form of meat.
  22. Tony you don't need lures, you just wave you're net over they water and the jump into it.......Bloody poms
  23. :lol::lol::lol:Now that is epic!!!