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  1. Hopefully i'll be over there mid June!!
  2. Well due for a fish Scotty!*sorry for the hi-jack*
  3. My $50 Shakespear cheapies are still going strong after 5years! Just need to wear some thick socks to make them nice and comfy..
  4. SOME of us are still young
  5. Does the dodge have much affect on the fishing in port river? say LB between the Birk and Snowdens.
  6. Softy

    chinese lures

    When i started getting back into fishing i brought a heap of them.. all rubbish!! Well apart from my "Redfin killer" lures.
  7. Nice work!!Not only can he weld, but a bloody top bloke too!!
  8. 3 WTF :lol:Oh well that is my bad week out of the way....
  9. Got out today... :pinch: Woke up this morning and was in the mood to throw some lures around... so before i could get distracted or loose motivation, had a shower tied some new leaders on and off i went. Headed down the the usual spot in the port at Moonta Rd.. got a couple of ST's on an Atomic Hardz then it wen't quiet so changed over to a Squidgy Flick Bait and it was an ST a cast untill one cast the bow in the line from the wind when casting caused the line to get caught up on the fence and yeeeeep TWANG! So after that i tied a new leader in and jumped in the car to find another spot out of the wind. Couple more St's here and the smallest Bream i have ever caught Stayed there for abit then went for a recky run around Pelican point for a look. after all that typing... not really much to report, but it was good to get out and catch a few fish. Good to see i still have the technique for the artificial's down pat.
  10. Only 2 tips right so far..... :lol:I hate the first round!!
  11. Awesome pics! Is there anything you are not good at? lol
  12. CallopHunter i knew i wasn't tripping when i said i saw this on the news yesterday! http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/seven-baby-dolphins-found-dead-on-south-australian-beaches/story-e6frea83-1226604563823
  13. Not sure mate.. where u a member last year? if so what was ur username and i can send and invite to you, that might let you in.
  14. First round tonight guys... DON'T FORGET TO TIP!!!And the last chance for everyone to enter!
  15. Just come across this article... Hopefully they will follow suit down south and do something about O'sully boat ramp too....Click Me
  16. My 51cm 1.71kg rainbow trout from a SAFWAA dam... Jumping clear of the water.. big runs and me shitting myself a few times i thought i was going to lose it... but got it landed eventually.
  17. Same here and pumps them up just as quick as an ARB on board unit.
  18. Didn't see a bunch of modified 4by's down there? i was meant to head down but my car had other ideas.
  19. I would have had a report, but had car failure on the way.. dodged it up to get back home.Devo... because they got some decent fish this morning off Yorkes
  20. Just reactivated my account... Bring it on ladies!
  21. Softy


    Nope not poisonous... tho they feel weird to squeeze.
  22. Sorry i can't help you, but i'll be waiting for an invite to arrive via PM.