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  1. That was my first thoughts also, Tony but he said it is pretty much crystal clear.
  2. Was caught in a dam in VIC... said the amount of fish in there was amazing.. filled up eskys many times....
  3. Mate just showed me this pic of a Redfin he caught but something just doesn't look right to me? Maybe it is the lack of colour/stripes playing tricks on my eyes?
  4. Jump on that.. Bargain!
  5. Softy

    t shirts

    Reason this has come up i think Jimbo! lol
  6. Softy

    t shirts

    That would be cool! But i dare say something like that would cost a fortune for the small numbers of units we would need.
  7. Softy

    t shirts

    I got my last one sitting here on my coffee table, don't think i'll even bother putting it on the car....
  8. Softy

    t shirts

    I'll purchase the above...But please go back to the vinyl cut stickers, the last lot they done didn't last very long (faded a cracked) already been thru 3 on my car in 2 yrs....
  9. Wading around waist deep chasing the YFW would be my favorite, followed closely by fishing the stones with Nev and the lads, having a few cans and dribbling crap for ages.
  10. If you can get 12v airators you can always carry a car battery down with you. lol
  11. Nice link CH.. they look pretty handy.
  12. Take a bucket and keep replenishing the water with fresh salt water.
  13. I would not allow someone to do that to me.. and possibly snag my line up etc.100m i think is a acceptable distance between groups.
  14. Good job CFR!Maybe solo runs are the way to go! lol
  15. 4kg would be 8lb line. I use 8lb vanish on all my light combos for my rigs to chase the fish you mentioned. I have caught my big carp on the same line.
  16. I have been fishing a few times over at Yorkes and only ever caught anything decent at Edithburgh so i'd have to say... go there.
  17. Cheers for the link CFR, have booked marked it for use at a later date!
  18. Can include live tube worms too.So what stores are people buying them from?
  19. I brought some of that stuff 5yrs ago and it's still going strong! Best braid i have used by far.
  20. With the YFW season warming up and people wanting to get bait to chase them figured if we put a list together with stores that sell live worms it would make everyone's life easier. So what tackles stores do you know of that sell them?- Brighton Tackle - Brighton Rd- Sweeney's(Spot On) - Tapleys Hill Rd
  21. Softy

    Tackle junkie

    Nice find... going to take a while to go thru all of that!